Visual basic does not use line numbers as Fortran

I am new at using visual basic. What I want to do is translate 25,000 lines of code that I did many years ago in Darthmoth Basic and update the program. Now Darthmouth basic uses line numbers where as MS Visual Basic does not. Is thare a way to refer to a line of code in a for else do loop, etc?

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You can create a label and the refer to it like:

Sub Test()
    GoTo LABEL
    Msgbox "Before"
    Msgbox "After"
End Sub

But, you should really think about recoding the methodaloggy of the program and utilize object oriented structures.

VB still understands line numbers and you can jump around to them using the GoTo statement.
I don't know about basic but u can something like this in VB as suggested above......the numbers here are actually labels and u can use  GOTO 2 or any line using labels.....


Private Sub Command3_Click()
1: Dim Db
2: Dim Rs
3: Set Db = CurrentDb()
4: Set Rs = Db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM TABLENAME")
6: Rs.AddNew
7: Rs(0) = "XXX"
8: Rs(1) = "YYY"
9: Rs.Update
11: Set Rs = Nothing
12: Set Db = Nothing
End Sub

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With numbers, you don't even need the colon afterwards.  That is reserved for alpha labels.
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your answer. You were the only one that provided the syntax

A : symbol in VB designates an end of a line and the begining of the next one.  Technically you can write your code like this

Sub Test()
Dim x, y, z: x = 1: y = 2: z = 1: If y = 2 Then MsgBox x + x + y * y - z
End Sub

BTW, I think this question should have been a split at best.

gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:

I am sure that splitting the points would be Ok although the amound is very low and already has been awarded before your comment came in. Therefore, I shall leave everything as they are.

I think I shall get another book on Visual Basic. The one I have, is very basic and does cover my needs.

gonzal13 (Joe)
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