VERY simple one

i made a banner.
how can i activate it as link .
i want that it will go to some url in new window
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In the last frame of your banner, draw a rectangle over your banner over the area you want to be clickable.  Convert it to a button.  Click on the button and open the actions panel.  Enter this, changing the url to the one you'd like to direct to (you can also set what window the url will be displayed in here, but I didn't do that):

on (release) {



After that's done, click once on your rectangle button, and give it an alpha of 0 in the color section of the properties inspector.


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eladrAuthor Commented:
10x but...
its seems it doesnt work.
i did exactly like your answer but the cursor is switching to link only for 1 seconds
in the end of the animation and its not redirecting me to the url.

Okay, then do this (I figured you had a (stop) at the end of your banner animation):

Right click on the frame that contains the invisible button, choose "cut frames"  Go to frame one of the same layer, right click and choose "paste frames.  Then go to the last frame of the layer, right click : "remove frames".  then left click in the frame you just cleared and hit F5 to extend the frames.  

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I just realized that you specified you would like the link to open in a new window, in which case the code on the button would be:

on (release) {



eladrAuthor Commented:
it is not working 4me...
if the rectangle is in the last frame how the link will be active in the first frame's
also i have 2 layers in the animation (i dont know if this matter)

Please see my second comment :)
BTW, put the rectangle button on its own layer.

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