Is there another way to transfer quicken data other than via the "Quicken backup"??

Is there another way to transfer quicken data other than via the "Quicken backup"??  I have a client who rebuilt a PC from Win98 to XP.  Did not backup quicken data, however saved off the Quickenw folder as well as the Program Files\quicken folder.  Is there another method other than "backup/restore" by which one can recreate the quicken data if the files still exist???  I believe the data is contained in about 4 or 5 different files.  I should have them all here on a CD-R if that helps any..
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Hi ,
For each account that your client had there should be 3 files for each.
The file name may be different if you chose a different name for your quicken file.  Quicken's default name is "QDATA" or "QDATA1"

The folders you backed up should contain these files.
You should then be able to import this data back into quicken.

Hi again,

To restore a Quicken data file:

Note: Restoring from a backup file replaces your current data with the data stored on your backup disk. Be aware that you will lose any changes you have made to your file since the backup was made.

From the Quicken File menu, choose Restore Backup File.

Insert the CDin the drive, select the drive letter of the CD drive, and then click OK.

Select the backup file, and then click OK.

Note: If the Quicken file to be restored is on a single disk, it will have the file extension .qdf. If the file spans several backup disks, the file extension will be .qb1.

If a file with the same name as the backup file already exists on your system, you will receive the following message: Overwrite the file which is currently in use? If you choose OK, the existing backup file will be overwritten and will no longer exist. If you do not want to permanently overwrite the existing file, then choose Cancel.

Click OK at the File Restored Successfully message.

2GeeksAuthor Commented:
The disk I have contains what was his current quicken data, not in backup format.  It also contains backup files, however, they are older & data will be lost if I restore from those backup files.  Can I import what was his current data files at the time of the PC rebuild?? the ones that were not in the format of Quicken backups??  That's what I'm shooting for if possible.  Am I making sense??
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Yup clear as day,
You can always rename the existing QDATA.QDF, QDATA.QSD, QDATA.QEL to .old or similar, then copy the corresponding files from the CD to the files are located in one of the following depending on the version.

C:\Program Files\QuickenW or C:\Program Files\Intuit\Quicken

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2GeeksAuthor Commented:
Cool! I will try tomorrow & hopefully succeed.
Check the properties of the current files , if they are read only, cool if not you will need to remove the read only properties from the files that you copy over from the CD.
good luck
2GeeksAuthor Commented:
Great! Everything worked fine. Thanks.
Excellent , that should make for a merry Xmas.
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2GeeksAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys,
Didn't realize that I left this open. I thought that I had closed it after my last comment.  Excellent job!
Thanks again.
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