Outlook 2003 ... ActiveX

I have a user who is on OL2003.  She is trying to add a signature to her emails.  There is nothing unusual about it.  Just a picture and some text.  Whenever she tries to send an email with this signature she gets something like "Your current security settings prohibit running activex ..."  She has played around with the ActiveX settings in Internet Settings and no fix.  Any ideas?
By the way, I have OL2003 and a similarly laid out signature and had no problems setting mine up.  I did, however, upgrade mine from OL2002 whereas hers was a clean install.
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Has she done this going to Internet explorer --> tools --> Internet options --> security and slide down the slider to lowest settings. This is only for cookies but not sure if this would help

Also she may want to play with this setting in outlook
tools --> options --> security and under Secure email "send clear text messages when sending signed message"

She may also want to NOT make outlook as default email client and try sending this attachment


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Also it might be worth to reinstall IE

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slink9Author Commented:
I am pissed!!!  I tyoed a bunch and it didn't save.  Here goes again.
I went on site last night and got rid of the message by dropping the secud=rity.  She failed to tell me over the phone that even after the message it still doesn't display the logo.  It only gives a box the size of the logo with a little x in it.
Could the problem be that she doesn't have Word2003.  She only purchased OL2003 because she didn't have a version of OL.  She has Word2002 but that isn't an option with OL2003.
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So the activex warning doesnot come now ??

>> She failed to tell me over the phone that even after the message it still doesn't display the logo.

So what logo you are talking about ??

Can you tell me what is the issue now ?

slink9Author Commented:
The issue is that the logo won't display.
She has a company logo and it shows up well in the Signature Editor but shows as a box in the message.  This is quite weird.  If it didn't show properly in the signature editor I could understand problems when sending it in an email.  On the other hand, when it shows well in the signature editor you expect it to work properly as an email.
The email type is HTML and the signature is HTML also.
But apart from this , Is everything fine with respect to sending pictures and other images as attachments or as part of the email message ? Is only sending pictures in signature is the issue..

I would suggest she copy that signature logo and paste it as part of the email message and try sending it that way ( This is not a solution but just a suggestion to see if that would work) ..


There is some other program like firewall or security issue blocking viewing the picture in the email (when attached as signature) but not doing the same with the picture is in the Signature editor ..

slink9Author Commented:
Thanks.  I will check.
OK .. let me know how it goes..

In Tools>Options>Security tab select Change Automatic Download Settings and deselect the "Don't download pictures..." checkbox.

Otherwise, she'l have to add all her recipients to the Safe Recipients List in the Junk Email filter.

Hope this helps.

Any news from your user ?

slink9Author Commented:
Nothing yet.  I will let you know.
Any progress on this ,steve ?

slink9Author Commented:
It no longer seems to be a big issue.  I will go ahead and close this one.
Thanks Steve ..

And those points has made me come into top 10 (overall ) in outlook.. cool is it not ?

slink9Author Commented:
Pretty good.  Just don't pass me.
The problem is caused by Word 2003. By default, Word 2003 embeds 'Smart Tags' into documents, including email signatures when you use the ADVANCED EDIT button in signature editor in Outlook.

You probably didn't get the problem because you said you upgraded Outlook 2002 to 2003. I gather you did not upgrade Office to 2003 as well?

All you need to do to fix this, is;

1. Go to the Signature Editor and click on ADVANCED EDIT
2. When Word opens, go to TOOLS > OPTIONS
3. Click on the SAVE tab
4. Uncheck the 'EMBED SMART TAGS' checkbox.

No more ActiveX errors. Took me a while to figure this one out as I too searched the Internet for the answer. Hope that helps! :)
Hey HawkIT

You should get some sort of bonus points for this one. Thank you.

you da man!!

WoW. I was looking all over for this solution.
Just an added note:
In Outlook 2003
Tools, Options, tab Other, and uncheck at the bottom "Enable the person name smart tag"
Thanks again!
i did everything above.  and the image still shows up as a box with a red x.  this is frustrating. anyone have any other suggestions.
when i go to edit the signature (advanced edit) in word.  the embed smart tag returns even after i unchecked it and saved.  ??it looks beautiful in the signature preview window.  but the broken image still remains when i start a new email message.  help????  HawkIT??  you out there?

when i check the source of the image it says...


i got the image from my desktop, and it was not named image001.  But sending images from my desktop shouldn't be an issue because when i insert the image without using signature process, and send it to my hotmail account it shows up fine.  it is just when i try to use the email signature that i have the problem.

the embed smart tag is always checked open word.  even if i unchecked it and saved and closed the document.  i don't know if this helps you guys in terms of finding a solution.  any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  
why not close word and make the change in Outlook?
See my post 10/05/2004
i've tried that as well.  do you currently use outlook 2003?  still searching for a solution.
Yes, I am using Outlook 2003

You say that you have tied that. This time, when you made the change in Outlook, did the change stick? Previously, you had said you tired to make the change in Word, but when you went back into the configuration, the box was still checked off even though you had unchecked it.
i unchecked in both word and outlook.  is it safe to say there is no answer to this?  that doesn't seem right.  i had images in my signature (i actually had java script in my email) 4 yrs ago in Outlook.  Has anyone found an answer yet??
Do they stay unchecked in both word and Outlook?
The computer you are using Outlook on, is it a networked computer? Is it using a roaming profile? It could be a profile related problem, it may not be saving the changes to your profile.

Does Word prompt you to save the NORMAL.DOT file when you close it?
I just had this problem.

To fix it I went into the signature editor in outlook did a select all, then copy. then press the clear button. Then pasted the signature back in. This kept all the formatting, but removed the problem smart tags.

Hope this helps

I have the same problem and have tried all of the above.  At best I get the box with the red x.  Looks like the best answer is to return to outlook xp!
i think you have to have WORD 2003, because i got it to work on a co-worker's new computer which came with word 2003.  My Outlook 03 was an upgrade.  Have you also noticed that you can't use word as your email editor, because you don't have Word 2003.  What a jip.
I had the same problem, the fix that worked for me was:
1. locate the image (should be in signature folder)
2. copy into new folder and rename from .jpg to .gif
3. open outlook 2003, and find a mail with your signature on - take a copy of your signature
4. Goto tools and create new signature - dont goto advanced option
5. Paste signature into field
6. Delete picture
7. Then right click in space and goto add image
6. select image from previously created folder then click ok
I also have this problem & have tried everything suggested above. The only way I can get the image to display is right click on the properties of the image and browse to the location where the image is & OK. The image is then displayed in the e-mail. I still can not get it to work automatically  from picking the signature required.My company wants the image to go out with e-mails when the user decides or not. Any further sugeestions would be ost welcome as I am drawing blanks now. Many thanks.
Yes I have this red x problem too.  I have Outlook 2003 and Word 2003. Have diligently pursued all the above suggestions as well as scan.pst and Inbox Repair Tool. No luck. Deleted all the signatures, renamed the image files and tried to establish "new" signatures to appear by default, but clicking on "new" message brings up a message from Outlook that it can't find the signature and that is must have been moved or deleted (It hasn't).  So I am about to toss some chicken entrails to see if that works. Text-only signatures work -- it's only when I try and add my company logo (as jpg, gif, hmtl/image file etc etc etc - tried them all!) that I get stuck with the darn red x.
I just fixed it.  

I went to the folder where Outlook keeps signatures C:\Documents and Settings\Michelle\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\ and opened the html doc for my signature (named "Full" for full signature with logo therefor the appropriate file to open and view the source of is Full.html).  I then replaced the line src="outbind://1/Untitled_files/image002.jpg" with an actual path to where the logo jpg was i.e. src="C:\Documents and Settings\Michelle\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\Full_files\image002.jpg" and voila -- problem solved. No more red x.

Warning: do not try this at home ;-) lol
I had the same problem.

Word generate some very complicated html file as signature.  So I edited the html signature by myself.  In my case, even if I unchecked the smart tags, he never saved the changes...
I have seen this error before with the red x where the picture is meant to be. To fix it in outlook 2003 you need to untick the use word 2003 as my editor option.
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