MyODBC Driver for Mac (O/S X)

Am trying - with little luck - to find an ODBC driver for MySQL.
Any ideas? could some someone please point me in the right direction?

a URL? shareware etc!?

Thanks much!
Richard Buchanan
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ThadirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
YOu can dowload eny as long as it is Mac OS compatible that means linux
rcbuchananAuthor Commented:
Thanks but unless I'm remarkably stupid - which is quite possible - I cannot see any mention of a Mac MyODBC driver at that URL.

Any other ideas!?
I used google and found these :)
Artical abou ODBC and Mac OS

And In that artical I found this:

And there YOu can download the driver.

I hope it helps

Regards Thadir
rcbuchananAuthor Commented:
Thanks much! ... goofy question - and this displays my tech ignorance - so excuse:

The link you provide (to the download page) ... I've found before BUT it does not appear to mention MAC as an O/S.

So ... do I download a driver for another (compatible?) O/S!? windows, or dec, or linux etc!?

Thanks again!
Richard Buchanan
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