Ram Installation turn bad...

Hi, I got a new 256 mb Samsung Ram PCI 133 Stick. I open my case, put in the ram, and power up the comp. 3 little beeps.... I restart, 3 little beeps. I close the comp, then I replace the ram stick ok. Then I get in, it says Start Windows Normally and options like that. I press enter on Start Windows Normally and It starts well, but at Windows XP Professional Page Loading (the little 3 bars moving left to right) it loads a little but a blue screen appears for 1 sec and less and the computer restart. I tried to use Safe Mode... didnt work, restarted BEFORE loading, same happened for the last good working ;) I remove the ram stick, try again, and all the same errors again, anyone could help me?
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when you get to the black screen with the options choose

last known working configuration

see what that does.
nevermind you already tried that. ;)
fred5249Author Commented:
I just told you, I tried that, but ... it doesnt work, it loads a little and then bam, the blue screen (less than 1 sec) and restart ;)
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Have you reset the CMOS?   Take out the battery on the motherboard and stick it back and and boot up.  See what happens with that.  I am guessing that you have a memory setting incorrect.   There is also the possiblity that your RAM is no good.  More and more new products are bad.  Aggrevating.

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Did you get the new memory stick as a replacement or are you adding more?
try swapping cards...  try using your original card again if that still works and check if it works normally, then try using the memory that you added recently and see if it works.... you may have bad ram or a bad connector...
If you are able to get into windows using different ram, go to the system properties, the advanced tab, then startup and recovery.  de-click the box that says "automatically restart" on error.  Then try the new ram again and you should see the actual error message you're getting.

Bad ram is a possibility.  My favorite tool to test it is a floppy from www.memtest86.com.  Let it run overnight and you will know if the ram is good or bad when you wake up.

good luck
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
>it loads a little but a blue screen appears for 1 sec and less and the computer restart.
Maybe this is time enough to read the error code on the blue screen, it should be in the first line of the blue screen. Something like: Stop: 0x0000whatever try to look for it. Post it here, or try looking for possible resolutions at http://www.aumha.org/win5/kbestop.htm

Also, try booting into recovery console by booting from your winXP cd-rom and do a "chkdsk /r"


if a diff ram does not solve the issue, then its the os, you can try what LucF suggested.  That takes a long time, though.... depends on the hdd.... i remember falling asleep when i did that once... you can also try Enable boot login in the advance startup menu, it can also tell what file may have caused the problem ... then post it here...
(  Ü   )~>
i also found this microsoft site.... really nice, you may also find the answerfrom here if its os...

There is a chance that your new RAM is just not compatible with your system.  Many computer makers ie: HP have made it so you can only use a certian RAM.  
List your system here and the answers to the post above.  The only way we can help you is if you give us some feed back.
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