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editing MX dns records

There are three ip addresses on my server.  A spamfilter I have 'listens' on one of them.  I need to edit the dns configuration (on my hosting companies dns - which can be edited through the member area) so that mail from a domain on a different ip address goes through the ip with the spam filter.

Right now, the MX records look like:

mail.sampledomain.com.   (MX)  10 mail.theknotlongdistance.com.
sampledomain.com.          (MX)  10 mail.theknotlongdistance.com.

mail.sampledomain.com  (A)  with a numeric ip address


I found that I could change that third one (enter the spamfilter's ip) and send mail to user@mail.sampledomain.com and it will go through the spamfilter just fine.

However, mail sent to user@sampledomain.com does not get routed through the spamfilter.

So...... can I simple change the MX records (10 mail.theknotlongdistance.com.) to the ip address I want mail routed through?

What does the '10' do, and should I include that?


1 Solution
The number is the order in which to use the mailserver, i.e. one preference over the other.
If 10 cannot be reached use 20 etc. etc.


mail.sampledomain.com   MX  10 mail1.theknotlongdistance.com
mail.sampledomain.com          MX  20 mail2.theknotlongdistance.com
mail.sampledomain.com          MX  30 mail3.theknotlongdistance.com

Hope that helps.
ChrisAndrewsAuthor Commented:

That helps, I will give this a try, thanks :)


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