TrueImage doesn't complete image.

Registered and sent email to Acronis but no response in (5) days.

Trying to backup "C" (10 gig of information on a 80 gig drive) to a 20 gig drive. Does anyone know if this is ok?

I read the doc. and it only says that an image must be written (put back on or to) a disk of the same or larger size. It doesen't say it must be recorded on the same or larger size.

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There is a 4GB file size limitation on FAT32 volumes. If your 20GB drive is formatted with FAT32, split the image into sub-4Gb chunks.

Are you trying to write an image file to that drive, or are you trying to clone the drive?
Sparks2Author Commented:
To raybass:

I am trying to make an exact image/clone so in the event my "C" drive fails I can switch over and keep on going.

To chicagoan:

The 20 gig drive was formatted with Win ME.  But according to Acronis, "TrueImage will automatically split an archive file into separate volumes".
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Would it kill ya to try to set the image chunk size explicitly?
Sparks2Author Commented:

Won't kill me, just a minor irritant (probably self caused) when purchased software doesn't work as stated.

I checked and it looks like TrueImage will handle that.

Basically I am to set the size manually and TrueImage will break it up according to my preset instruction, i.e. each piece 100MB, 1-gig, 2-gig etc.

I'll try it and see what happens.

Sparks2Author Commented:
Well I tried changing the chunk size and to no avail. It hangs the computer about three quarters the way through.

I finally received an email from Acronis. It instructs me to go to their web site and download several files. THEN asks me to place them in different parts of the windows system. I can do this but I pity the poor guy that doesn’t understand this process.

There is only e-mail support!

I would not rate this company very high on product or service.

I seldom or never post something like this, but in this case I am, because I think there should be a BUYER BEWARE on TrueImage when used on Win ME operating systems.

I'm off to see what happens when I follow the email.

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Sparks2Author Commented:
Well, I worked myself through the exercise that Acronis emailed me and it seems that the backup (image) worked.

Next I will try to put the image onto a fresh HDD then install that HDD as a "C" drive and see what

happens. Thank for the ideas and recommendations.

Next time its Ghost (two words)  ; )
Great glad everything worked out for you.
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