Notes MAPI question

I got a NT4 computer with both Outlook 97 and Notes R5 installed.
Nots is selected as email client in control panel, Internet options, programs.
But when I select File-Send in Wordpad Outlook presents a dialog where it asks about profile.
How can I configure Notes or Windows so that Notes and not Outlook pops up when I select File-Send in Wordpad?
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Go Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs (Or Control Panel, Internet Options -> Programs)
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rj2Author Commented:
Notes is already selected as email client in control panel, Internet options, programs.
Check my other links. it is having nice content for your problem.

Hope it helps.
rj2, re-install notes program (backup necessary files). This will correct most of the registry and dll installations.


I know you are a little points-nuts, so, not a big deal if you post right away with partial info.  But, if you are still researching as you post, could you limit the partial resuts to one or two?  You have a total of four posts here, and it makes it harder for both the Asker and other Experts to parse through the results when you do this.
The thing to understand about MAPI is that there are different kinds of components called Providers, for example UI Providers, Transport Providers, and Address Book Providers.  Outlook is an example of a MAPI client that implements all of these providers, so it is possible to use the Outlook UI to compose a message (the UI Provider), send it via the Outlook "messaging infrastructure" (the Transport Provider), and even pull up addressee information from the Outlook Address Book (Address Book Provider).  Lotus decided to implement the Transport and Address Book Provider components, but they did not implement the UI Provider, which means that, even though Notes can be accessed via MAPI calls for the purpose of sending messages and looking up addresses, the actual UI is not available for manipulation via MAPI (at least as of R5...perhaps 6 has changed this or even a later patch in R5 that I never saw).  Although the message is delivered through the Notes infrastructure, it had to be composed in some other MAPI UI-compliant interface.

Hope this helps,
rj2Author Commented:
Does neither Notes R5 nor R6 have the MAPI UI provider?
So you have to use e.g. Outlook as UI for sending message via MAPI with Notes?
Which popular clients for Win32 can be used as MAPI UI provider for Notes? Can Outlook Express be used?
What do I have to do in Outlook to set it up as Mapi UI provider for Notes?
I keep expecting someone else to come along and smack me in the back of the head and say "that's old works now".

Based on that comment, I'm not certain if more current versions allow it than what I worked with, so perhaps someone else can answer that for us.

What I can tell you, is that Outlook, Outlook Express, and the Windows Messaging Client all have MAPI UI Providers, so they can work.  Back around the time that Lotus made the decision not to implement the UI provider, my guess is that it was because at the time they had a competing specification to MAPI called VIM (Vendor Independent Messaging).  It has since gone the way of the Do Do and OS/2 (my apologies to OS/2 zealots...I'm just bitter because I actually spent the time to get certified in it--"OS divided by 2...half the operating system, twice the headache").  Obviously, the problem is that most Notes shops don't want to deploy Microsoft mail clients just to enable this kind of integration.  This is what I faced when enabling the integration you speak of between Siebel and Notes.  I wrote the code that allows the Notes client to be used for messaging with Siebel versions 6 and 7.  I wanted to avoid using MAPI (or VIM for that matter).  Surprisingly, most of the problems I faced in driving the Notes client via COM had to do with things like making sure the Notes window wasn't minimized or certain COM functionality like EditDocument would fail).

So even if MAPI integration is available, it may not be the silver bullet (depending on your requirements) and you may be forced to build the integration yourself as I did.

rj2Author Commented:
My requirements are pretty basic, I just want SMAPI (simple mapi) to work with Notes R5, and also R4.6 if possible.
Well I can tell you with certainty that Notes 4.6 doesn't implement the UI Provider, so without writing your own, you wouldn't be able to get the Notes UI to pop up (the Outlook UI would handle composing the message and it would go out through your Domino server).  I don't think R5 has it either, but I'm not positive it wasn't added in a later version or patch.  No one seems to have jumped on me yet for saying that though...
Whoa!  Bhartung, your information is not incorrect, but it IS irrelevant.

All rj2 wants to do is to use the file-send in Wordpad.  I can use WordPad's FIle->Send feature no problem.  It opens a Notes memo, with a file already placed in the body (though using a geneic icon).

Usually, the only reason for this not to work is if Notes installed incorrectly.
Ok. I will try to post in a single thread.

And coming to this question,
For me it is working.
First u need to install office and then Notes. Just reinstall Notes and install again.

And in my links which I have given thier are some use ful info which will be bery help ful for u.

I thought this question will be closed as the links which I provided has answers.

If the above doesn't help let us know. And tell us what are the steps u have done till now.

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For my edification, what version of Notes are you using?  I haven't tried this with Wordpad, but if Wordpad is using MAPI and the Notes interface is popping up, then that must mean Lotus implemented a UI provider at some point since I last checked (not that I've been sitting by the phone waiting for it or anything...)

Thanks and sorry about my "irrelevant" contribution.
NP.  This has definitely worked since 5.0.3, probably earlier (there used to be a choice in 4.6 Advanced Options that said "Enable SendTo in Office 97", or something like that).
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