Help me creating my home network with LINUX !!!

I hope you can help me creating my home network. So far this is what I have:

Internet -------------- Ethernet                             --------------- Windows XP
                               Ethernet  --------------- Hub
                                                                        --------------- Windows XP

Explanation: The "Internet" an other LAN, but I do not concider that to be a probem. This "Internet" assigns me a dynamic IP address, though usually it is always the same.

This "Internet" goes to my REDHAT 9 LINUX machine. This machine has 2 network cards. The first one is used to connect this computer to the "Internet/LAN", and the second one is used to connect my LINUX machine to a 16 port - HUB.

From the HUB I have some windows xp computers.

What do I want from this system ?

I would like to start from "0".
1. I would like to know how I could see if my two network cards are recognized by the operating system.
2. I would like to have my windows machines connected to the linux machine. These windows machines should get a   dynamic IP from the LINUX machine.
3. My Linux machine should be my mail server, so all my emails will be saved into the Linux machine. when I check my e-mail in my windows machines, then I will of course go to the LINUX box and get it from there.
4. Other services will be configure in my network, but so far, I would like to start with thse basic ones.

I hope you can help me with some detailed code, so I will understand what I am doing, how I am configuing my gateway, hostname, etc... I am planning to program the whole thing from the shell-bash-sh or how ever you want to call it.

Please if you have the time, then help me at least with one of the points I mentioned before and try to explain to me how to do it.

Thank you for your help.
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OK, let's start with the first question,
to see if the two cards are recognized by the OS, just do
# ifconfig -a

you should see the two network cards (eth0 and eth1).
Choosing the right IP class for the internal network is important, you have some "private" classes that you can choose from,
you have class 10.x.x.x netmask, class 172.16.x.x-172.31.x.x netmask or class 192.168.x.x netmask

You need to assign a static IP address to internal NIC from one of these classes, just make sure that it will not conflict with the external network. (It must be a different network class)

2. to dynamically assign IP addresses to your windows machines you will need to install a
dhcp server on your linux box (isc dhcp should come with RH9). You might have to configure it.
If you have any question, about configuring DHCP server let me know.

3. in order to use your linux as mail server you will need to install a mail server such as sendmail / exim / qmail, RH should by
default come with sendmail, you will have to modify the configuration, because by default it will be listening on loopback IP only.

To retrieve mail from your linux box you will need either a POP3 server or an IMAP4 server.

PS: you don't need to program, you just have to configure your RH box.
I would suggest you to start installing the Linux box and configuring network on it, if any question arises during this process, come back
and post questions.

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probineAuthor Commented:
I will try what you told me today at night. Tomorrow ( Thursday 11-Dec-2003) I will stat poting my questions. So fat thanks for your help.
probineAuthor Commented:
Remember, I would like to run my server without the graphical interface. i only wnat to install it with the text interface. I also have one more question.

If my kinux machine is going to have a FTP server,Mail server, DHCP, Firewall, Samba, file server, etc... should I install REDHAT having the complete packages, only the one called "server", or which one ?
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I don't know how RH packages installations, but the server should be good enough,

In case, you can check at install time that the packages you need will get installed.
(see detailed package list or something similar).

in case it does not install some packages, just put the CD in mount it and install the required
packages with

# rpm -i <packagename>
For installation of software, I personally would like to go for binary/source code install, that's software.version.tar.gz and untar them and run the config by my own.

example : apache

I can config the installation and put apache into /usr/local/apache and apache config file into /etc/apache bla bla bla..

For making a home networking have a check here
probineAuthor Commented:
Hi _tack.

Can I send you an e-mail explaining what I am doind in my home network ?

I wouldn't do this, I'd rather prefer continuing post questions on this site, so other people could find a solution to a similar
problem by looking at PAQ db.

Anyway, you can find my email address on this page: -- look for tack.
probineAuthor Commented:
You are right... I wanted to get your e-mail because I thought you might not be comming back to this site, and just in case I coud continue getting help from you.

Of course, I would also like to keep on posting on this site so everybody will learn a ittle bit more.

I will post more questions about my home network which I want to create and looks like this:

Internet->Linux->Hub->Computer1, Compter2, etc...

I am new to this site, so I do not really know about this points and things like that, but how can I get points ? How can I give points for exampleto _tack ?

probineAuthor Commented:
I just created a web site ( 16th, Deceber, 2003) in which I will be posting my progress in creating this network. I will put time and effort to mak it easy to be understood ( Only if I succeed ) the link is:

have a look at the help page.

To give points, you open a question, and when somebody has given you the right answer, you can accept the answer,
by accepting the answer you give points to the expert that posted the accepted answer.

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