ATD>SIM<n>; problem

Hi everybody,
I try to initiate a call using an ATD>SIM<5>; AT command (I also tried ATD=SIM<5>;) but always get the same answer - ERROR. Could anybody tell me why? I tried hundreds of different combination e.g. ATD=SM<5>;, ATD>SM"5"; etc. but without any result. I'm using an Ericsson A1018 mobile phone with cable connection to my PC (RS232).
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1 : Have you entered the numbers correctly in the SIM?
  Try AT+CPBW=20,07768??????,129,"My voice phone"    ;an example here, ?????? commented out numbers!

then try


The semi-colon is important if you are making a voice call - you will get NO CARRIER or ERROR if you are trying to connect to the wrong destination type.

So for your number try


forrresterAuthor Commented:
Hello Simon,
I have tried it as you adviced me, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I have tried AT+CPBW=20,"0905xxxxxxxxx",129,"My phone" and after ATD>20; , my phone called number "20" directly not the number stored under memory location "20". Do you have another idea?
Thanks in advance,
What memory is selected?

AT+CPBS? will tell you, maybe the SIM is not selected.

Does AT+CPBR=20 return the memory location information?

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forrresterAuthor Commented:
SIM memory is selected, yes the AT+CPBR=20 returns correct information.
I'm using AT+CPBR for parsing the number and after make a call using ATD'parsed number'; but it can save me a lot of work if I could use just ATD>memory location;
I agree, but the ATD command works on my modem (Siemens TC45).  Maybe it's just the feature is not supported on the modem you are using - what is it?
forrresterAuthor Commented:
It is an Ericsson A1018 mobile phone and this feature is described in original .pdf for this phone, I also tried with R320 but without any result. If it works with your modem it should be the same for mine. Maybe its a problem of Ericssons.
Yes wouldn't surprise me.  I tested it on my modem yesterday to check it to give you the answer above.

Some of the more obscure commands don't get written properly by module developers, and it takes a while for the bugs to appear!


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