Crystal Report Database Query

I would like to be able to change the query of a Crystal Report on the fly.

I have the query built into a command in the designer at the moment.

Can any one help me?
Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAsked:
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I'm not sure what you mean by 'built into a command'

However, in Visual Basic, add references to the Crystal libraries (Project/References), that will get you started. It allows you to change various properties of a crystal report and then run it.
Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAuthor Commented:
ok, Im using a Crystal Report designer within my VB app.

When I click the designer it shows me the design of the report.

On the left it says "Database Fields" and under this is "Command" with the Fields from the "Command" SQL Statement coming off of it.

If I go into the database expert I can see on the right the server address and under that another item called command which I created with my SQL query in. To edit the sql query in that command I right click on it and select edit command.

I need to be able to edit this command from within my VB code and not the designer.

Hope ive made things a little more clear.
Ah, OK, I am using the full version of Crystal rather than the VB version at the moment so I got a bit confused, sorry.

This will work in theory but I avoid the data environment so I haven't used it much.

DataEnvironmantName.Commands("CommandName").CommandText = "New SQL Query"

Make sure the query returns the same number of fields and ensure they have the same names.
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Oh yeah, now that I have had a hack, the command has to be a SQL statement rather than a table, otherwise that will just change the table name rather than the whole SQL statement.
Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAuthor Commented:
This is good except im not using a data environment, so how can I change the command in the report?

My designer is called CrystalReport,

And I dont have a CrystalReport.Commands options, I have a CrystalReport.Database but I still cant find the command thing your referring to.
Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have found that CrystalReport.SQLQueryString is holding my query but when I try to change it it doesn't change.
Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Also im using Crystal Reports 9 if thats of any help.
What you are trying to do may require the Crystal Reports 9 Designer Design and Run Time library (CRAXDDRT.dll).  This may also incur a requirement for you to purchase runtime licenses for all users ($199 per license).  

In general you cannot change the select part of the query.  It may be possible with the CRAXDDRT library.

Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAuthor Commented:
This has come from CrystalDevHelp.chm.

Property: SQLQueryString
Description: String. Gets or sets SQL query string.
Read/Write: Read/Write
Restriction in event handler: Can be written only when formatting idle.

It seems this is what I need to change, and it is a read/write property. But how can I make "formatting idle"?
Formatting Idle sounds lke it means you can only change it when the report is not running, which is what you are doing anyway.

Sorry I will have to bow out as I only have version 7, and I can't find the crystal reports designer option in VB.

There is one other option and that is to base the report on a view (A SQL Server view or a MS Access query) then change the view in the database. It's a bit hairy though and really you shouldn't have to if Crystal help says you can change the source query.

Good Luck!

This may not be the correct answer to your question, but it is the way I have got around it.

I first created a report table in the database, had my SQL statment populate the report table, then had crystal report look at that table

Terry RogersIT Senior EngineerAuthor Commented:
vbnewby, this seems like a solution but it seems a bit long winded.

Anyone, anyone at all who can come up with a good solution to this problem would be great.

getting more and more desperate by the minute. :-\
Like I said there is the view option but it is also a little bit long winded.
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