Start/Task bar freezes when closing & minimising IE & Outlook Express

My work computer has recently started freezing up..

I am running Windows 98SE with Internet Explorer 6.

My start/task bar when I either minimise or close IE completely freezes, this also sometimes happens when I open Outlook Express (But not Outlook!?)

I have recently installed Nortons '03 unistalled a few general programmes (kazaa,washer and other bits and bobs...) I have used the 'system information' programme to repair IE, check for any conflicts and corrupted system files but it found none.

Sadly the guy who used the pc before hand "borrowed" the windows 98 disk and the restore disk..

Hope someone can help... cheers
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You need to get a 98 CD and do a Start-Run-SFC.  This should find and repair any missing/corrupt system files.
Dear r1chard100,

Try these. After uninstalling kazaa by normal way of going to control panel , you may also want to remove unwanted adwares and spywares that it had created. Check these tools and remove them


Spyware/Adware removal tools:

What is spyware :

SpyBot-S&D : 

Ad-aware : 

Trojan Remover :

HijackThis : 

KL-Detector  :

X-Cleaner Free  :

SpywareBlaster  :

SpywareGuard :

SpySites  :

Keylogger Hunter :


BHODemon :

Browser Hijack Blaster :

Goodbye Spy

Other spyware removal instructions:


Also try repairing IE or reinstall it

Repair IE :

Start > Run rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE6Maintenance "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Setup\SETUP.EXE" /g


Start > Run rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 C:\windows\inf\ie.inf

Reinstall IE:

Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP


Repair Internet Explorer 6

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 6


r1chard100Author Commented:


Ive removed all spyware, adware using Adware and ran Nortons 2003 (twice!)... there is nothin 'odd' running in my task menu, or in the startup lists. Also system performance is running at about 82% which seems pretty normal...

Ive reinstalled IE6 completely.

Tell you what I did do... Ive got an Nvidia TNT2 Riva video card, I updated the drivers from the Nvidia site last week... which may correspond with the problem starting...? Might this make a difference??

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u can check if this problem is related with Video Card or not, by replacign th NVIDIA card with any other video card. check if this problem is not happening wiht other video card then this problem is due to upadted drivers of NVIDIA, uninstall al the drivers of ur video card, attach it back to the motherboard, start the system, either windows will install the drivers for ur cideo cards or will ask u to insert the INSTALLATION CD u got with the NVIDIA cards. Install the drivers only form the CD.
Now u have the older configuration and old drivers with shich u didn't had the problem. so u should not have the problem now also :)

But if with other video card also this problem is happening, then the reason of this problem is something else, and that we have to find out.
Greetings, r1chard100!

Check the files for errors. Select Start > Run and type SFC and hit OK. When asked for files, look to C:\Windows\Options\Cabs or C:\Windows\Options\Install

Check the registry for errors. Select Start > Run and type scanreg /fix

Run scandisk in thorough mode. This may take awhile.
Perform a Defrag.

Run an online RAM test

Check for virus and adware

Housecall Online Scan
Symantec Security Check

SpyBot S&D searches your harddisk for so-called spy- or adbots;

Best wishes, war1
If you believe the Video Card is causing the problem you can easily disable the software associated with the card by right clicking on the desktop select properties then go to settings click on advanced and under performance put the slider to none hit apply then hit ok exit out of it and then shutdown the PC for 1 minute then reboot. Then try again if the error no longer occurs then indeed your video card drivers are causing a problem.

If you installed the drivers with Norton Anti-Virus Active this may have corrupted the video card drivers. Norton will corrupt installs if it is active during the install of drivers or software I have seen it do this many times.
If you have aol IM installed  Goto prefernces and uncheck where it says Make Default Imstant Messenger
SFC in Windows 98 is such a pain to use you might as well not bother. The problem is clearly with IE; Outlook Express is part of IE, which explains why you don't get the freezing with Outlook, which is part of Office.

Uninstall Norton 03 (you don't say what programs Norton 03 includes, but even if it's not the problem just reinstall the anti-virus and the firewall; anything else makes more of a problem than it solves). See if the problem goes away.

Then try safe mode. If you don't have the problem there suspect the NVidia driver. Remove the new driver from your system, restart and then install the driver you had before.

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to help ascertain what the problem might be When exactly did you update your video card drivers and when did you install norton in relation to when the problem occured ?

here's an example of what I mean:

If no problems prior to video card driver update/installation then after that the problem started, then you installed norton thereafter.... then Norton can be eliminated as the problem itself and it is most likely the video card drivers.

If you had no problems installed Norton still no problems but then updated your video card drivers then the problem began; either the video card drivers corrupted during install or the drivers are the wrong ones.

If you had no problems after updating the video card driver then installed norton and then the problem started; then norton may have something to do with this...


Try to think of the order that this transpired to get you to the current problem that way we do not take the wrong path in guiding you to correct the problem you are experiencing because right now all of us participating in this are split as to what it could be out of the two changes you listed because you did not give an order in which these applications/ drivers were installed in relation to when the problem showed up.

Also if their is any other changes you made to the system within the time frame of this problem occuring please let us know.

One more important question prior to installing norton did you have any anti virus software on the system ???? I am just wondering what prompted you to put Norton 2003 on the system. If you previously did have anti virus software on the system was it up to date and what was it??? did you uninstall it or delete it prior to installing Norton ?
r1chard100Author Commented:
Ello people...

right Ive uninstalled and reinstalled Nortons (incedentally it contains Nortons Internet Security & Nortons Antivirus)

I have found a way to clear the problem... I just 'end task' for explorer.exe which seems to right its self, strange hey?

I have come up with a solution.... Im managed to convince me boss to install XP on all our computers... which I hope will get rid of the little problem...

Thanks everyone... I'll split the points between everyone...
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Thanks, war1
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