Access the internet from server via workstation? is it possible?

Hi folks,

I've just build a Server running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. it is setup as a domain controller with active directory.

I also have a Windows XP Professional workstation which has successfully joined my little domain i created on the server.

My XP workstation has a std diap-up connection to the net, and i have also setup internet connection sharing. a friend of mine said to put the address of my workstation as the gateway in the servers net setting and it therefore would enable to server to access the internet... but alas it doesnt, ive also tried giving the server the ip address my isp gives to my modem, this also doesnt work.

Can anyone shed any light on this situation?
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When you enable Internet connection Sharing the XP box runs "mini DHCP server" with scope of

Set the IP address of the server to 192.168.0.x/24
Simply put as default gateway - this is the internal address of your XP box
Put ISP's DNS as forwarder to your Windows 2000 DNS server

tiranathonAuthor Commented:
ok i saw it do that part, but then i overroad the workstations ip back to the domain, (workstation) and the server is

I also set the gateway on the server to

didnt understand your 3rd part about dns forwarding, all quite new to this, can you elaberate please? and tell me if the obive i did is ok, or do i need to let xp take over again, and will doing that destroy the dns stuff on my server?
On the 2000 server:
Start-->programs-->administrative tools-->DNS-->properties-->forwarders tab-->enable forwarders
Put here IP address of ISP's DNS server.
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tiranathonAuthor Commented:
ok i found the DNS program, a little lost where to go from there ...

i have

forward lookup zones
reverse lookup zones
cashed lookups

i went to forward lookup zones, but couldnt see where to put in the isp's dns
Right click on yor DNS server-->properties-->Forwarders Tab
tiranathonAuthor Commented:
If i right click on the DNS server, i have no option for properties ... please advise.
Shawn ConstableStaff IT EngineerCommented:
If you have a forward lookup zone called ".", delete it, its not needed anyway.  Dont go to forward lookup zones, just do to the NAME of the DNS server in the DNS admin tool.

Also, Why are you running Advanced Server?

I have seen advanced server cause problems being a DC, but it should work...
tiranathonAuthor Commented:
ok think i have found the answer or thereabouts ..... apparently my server being a PDC will not allow me to create DNS forwarders, therefore im not ever going to get the internet on my server, which stinks :( well done microcrap again! .... as i see it i either have to buy a new server, just for DNS, just so i can add forwarders, or i have to find an operating system that can handle all of it.

can anyone suggest the best route to take, or think of a way round this problem?
Shawn ConstableStaff IT EngineerCommented:
Yes, you remove the . entry from forward lookup zones, this WILL take care of your problem!

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tiranathonAuthor Commented:
WOOT IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done sconstable! ur a star!!!!!!!!1
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