HTTP 1.1 or RMI

Hi all
which of both is faster in order to access application server and why ?

1. HTTP 1.1 which open a connection without closing it
2. RMI

which one and why?
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dannyshAuthor Commented:
I forgot the data I send is an XML
HTTP cos it does much less handshaking and validation...
DO you have any firewalls / security requirements? Because then only HTTP (or HTTP/s) will work.
RMI is faster, because you can send an XMLDocument object over the network, which might take more network bandwidth but will save you the need to serialize it on the client and parse it on the server.
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> but will save you the need to serialize it on the client and parse it on the server

Only because RMI does this for you...  it will still get serialized and deserialized...
dannyshAuthor Commented:

>> DO you have any firewalls ...
is it a problem cause if I open port 1099 it should work no ?

>> Only because RMI does this for you...  it will still get serialized and deserialized

as I understand no matter which one I will use the same work done, am I right?

Serializing the Document is not the same as sending the XML as String and then reparsing it.
It is much more efficient to send the Document object. This is why it takes more network bandwidth.

The Document object is not serializable according to the spec. But, all implementations I know of are defining Document as serialized.
dannyshAuthor Commented:
And what about the firewall , If I will open port 1099 (used for the lookup) is it fine ?
You will have to configure it by hand. Not all sites allow this.
But if you configure the firewall, it will work.

However, if this is a remote site, and you pass other routers and stuff in the middle, you might get stuck.

Why think about HTTP anyway?

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dannyshAuthor Commented:
NO I am not thinking about using HTTP, I will use RMI.
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