Sysprep question

     I was experimenting with the sysprep tool that was included with windows 2000 professional and got the following results:

I ran the program. Shut down the computer and reboot. The mini setup program appeared and I fill in the information as required. Rebooted the computer and the image that I was trying to create replaced my original operating system.

My understanding of the purpose of sysprep was to create an image to be used to install the OS on other machines.

Can someone tell me where I was flawed in my understanding and procedure for creating a image for distribution?


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Sysprep for Windows 2000 is a simple utility that prepares a system on a hard disk for duplication (or cloning) and customization. It does not in itself perform the actual duplication of the master image onto target machines (third-party utilities are required for this purpose), but ensures that the security identifiers (SIDs) are unique for each target system. Further, Sysprep invokes the Mini-Setup Wizard, which can be used to customize duplicated images with computer-specific information such as user name, computer name, time zone, and domain membership.

that was an excerpt from this link

go thru the document provided in the link.

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Sysprep is used to remove unique identifiers from a computer like the computer name and SID so that they are not copied to other machines when using sysprep in conjunction with imaging software.  It needs to be used when you creating an image to be deployed to multiple systems.  An image will always replace the entire partition or drive depending on what software you are using.  Sysprep simply makes it possible to create a single image and load it on multiple computers.

that article is for Windows XP exclusive.
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
When you ran Sysprep, it prepared the image for ghosting, stripping the Unique Identifiers from the OS.  (From here, you were supposed to use Ghost  - or some 3rd party solution -  to create the image on another Hard Drive.)  

When you rebooted, you booted to the stripped down image, therefore invoking the mini-setup wizard.  

Nice try though.  You get points for trying it.

(Also, you can use Setup Manager to produce unattended installations, which is pretty cool.)

Rob StoneCommented:
Can't add much more to what has already been said, except if you plan on putting the image on different HAL's either download sysprep v1.1 or change the IDE Controller drivers back to windows default before you do the sysprep -pnp
java2studentAuthor Commented:
Is the procedure as follows:

1)Run the program sysprep.
2)Computer shuts down after the program is complete.
3)Reboot the computer with a floppy containing ghost.
4)Burn the image on CD.
5)Distribute image on new machines.

Yes, that is the procedure.
thats right.. you might want to look at the link i posted earlier.. there is a word document for download on that page which has a lot of info about different scenarios.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You will be a pro before you know it!  :)

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
If you have a server, next we can try RIS!!!!
java2studentAuthor Commented:
Setting a server and using RIS is next on my list.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Not bad for a 'student' programmer.  :)
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