Boot problem... kinda urgent

I'm at work right now and one of my co-workers keeps experiencing a problem... when he turns on his computer everything will work fine... until windows 2000 loads. It will show the wallpaper but no icons will pop up or the script will not run(we are running on Novell) for about 20 mins! sometimes if he restarts the computer it will load right away like normal, but most of the time he gets locked for a good amount of time.  Any ideas? There are others experiencing this problem so I don't think it's hardware related.
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Dear PoeticAudio,

Try doing these

Inplace upgrade of windows 2000;en-us;292175

Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000;en-us;268106

If others are having this same problem, maybe it's network related. Try disconnecting the machine from the LAN and see if it boots normally.
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Also these

a) Once your system is up and running , download msconfig from here and dictate the startup programs

b) Download the latest patches and security updates for your OS and other applications

c) Check for unwanted starting services and disable them

d) Try doing system file checking ( start ---> run --> sfc /scannow)

Are you logging into an AD domain?
If you're logging into the local machine and Novell NDS, try logging into the local machine only.
(If that works, get the Netware Admin on the phone, if he's not already in the server room)
If that works, try logging into Novell without running your login script.

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PoeticAudioAuthor Commented:
Only a few people are having this problem, we never had the problem before we moved. I don't think it's virus related, or spyware related.
Do these few machines have anything in common, like being on the same LAN segment or hub or switch.
PoeticAudioAuthor Commented:
We all run on the same Dell workstations, there are 4 switches, i'm pretty sure they arent on the same switch. I think it has to do with a file the runs at windows start up. The people see the wallpaper, everything appears normal, but the icons don't load and the scripts don't run. It's not a total system lockup because they can still move the mouse. The people that are experiencing this problem are in different parts of the building leading me to believe they arent on the same switch (one person is on data port C2 and another is on C48 for example)

Thanks to everyone for all the fast responses!
Does it boot properly if you hit F8 while booting and select Last Known Good?
Try Safe Mode from the F8 menu and clean out the programs in the Startup Group and see if that helps.
have you tried loging in to the local machine only or without your novell login script?
If NDS is hosed or there's a map to an invalid resource, that could be your problem
This was happening on my PC too. It started straight after I had done the service pack 3 upgrade.
If i left the system for 10 - 15 mins eventually the desktop would return to normal.
Resolution was to go to SP4 for win2k.
Probably network related.

It is spending time searching for something it can't find or do something it can't do.

Do you have an it department ?

Can they help ?

Kinda silly suggestion I know, but I have to ask.

As you say this is urgent, and I think the quickest will be to get them to investigate as it's probably a setup problem.

Other ways of logging on to the local machine etc. will not get you connected to the network and hence not be able to continue to work normally.

I can't suggest you fiddle with the network settings in an office environment, but this is probably what is required.

Best of luck !

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