Changing dynamically WindowType ( transform a Main! windows to a Reponse! one )

Hello all,

I'd like to open an existing window, but as if it was a Response! type one.

In fact, I want a Powerbuilder program to open a window (not response most of time), and wait for the end of it's execution but without using timer stuff and/or Yield loop.

Thanks for your help

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You can do:
w_mywindow.WindowType = Response!

Possible values are:

It is bit tricky to change from main to response window type as you will need to change some other properties before changing from main to response window type.
1) Open a window of type main
2) Change it to response winodow. Take a notice of all properties that change automatically. You willl need to change all those properties before changing to reponse or viceversa.

Properties of interest are,


Namasi Navaretnam

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MouahAuthor Commented:
Namasi, thank you for your help

But where will I put script that change all this properties ?
I've tried these syntax, and Powerbuilder7 didn't accept any:

MyWindow lw_test

Open( lw_test )

lw_test.MenuName = ""
... (some other properties)

lw_test.WindowType = Response!

--> <<Error: A ReadOnly property may only be modified  in an event  or function in its parent class>>

In the MyWindow.Open or MyWindow.wf_function() or MyWindow.ue_Event()

this.WindowType = Response!

--> <<Error: A SystemWrite property may only be modified  in an event  or function in its parent class>>

What is 'event or function in its parent class' ?
Where will I code the WindowType property assignation ?

Thank you for your help


This does not wok. I think it worked in an earlier version. (4 may be). I tried it with PB 9 and does work as you say.

You can use windows APIs to wait until a process complete.

See issue below:

MouahAuthor Commented:

In fact, as I said, I didn't wait some 'Wait Loop' nether kernel DLL stuff.

But, I found by myself a sort of answer, but maybe you could help:

I created my "Main! Window", and exported the script.
In the 'on create' part, I added this code:
on w_myWindow.create
this.st_test=create st_test
this.cb_someButton=create cb_someButton
windowtype = f_windowtype( classname( this ))
end on

With "f_windowtype()" a global function witch return a windowType enum variable.
By writing code in this function to choose at runtime my windowType, it's working fine. But I still have a problem: as this code is generated by PowerBuilder automaticly, each time I edit and save my object window, PowerBuilder rewrite the original code (without the call of my function).

I think in Powerbuilder9 it's possible to write your own code in 'system script', but I still using PowerBuilder 7. Is there a solution ? ( except re-export/import my script each time )

Thanks again.

I would not even try it. It is not recommended to change exported file and they will be recreated when re-generating the objects. No. PB 9 does not allow it.

Try to use the win APIs. They work just fine.
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