Anti-Spam Program for Lotus notes

Hi experts,

I dont know if I'm in the good section, but Im looking for the best anti spam software available. Does any1 has suggestion?

Im using domino 6, but I dont mind to buy a 3rd party program.

Thx all
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Domino 6 has built-in spam protection tool.. You have to configure it to invoke the function

Domino 6 uses Black Hole Lists natively, but ha sno content filtering features.

Symantec offers content filtering for DOmino, I believe it is in the latest release of SAV.  But it isn't very good. I'm being polite.

kSpam offers Bayesian filtering, though the filter is global, or at least server-based.  you can't set different filtering for each user.

You can also use an external content fultering service, that either:

deletes the spam before it reaches yu

holds the spam with no notification

holds spam with periodic summaries to each user

forwards the spam with the subject tagged

firwards the spam with another field tagged
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In one of the post, I have answered in four times with different links.

As an experienced guy like hemantha is also doing the same.(ofcourse it is in 2 times)

So, what u will say now?
I said I understand two... but four?
denzmorAuthor Commented:
what u guys talking about.. I think its off topic so if you wanna debate go spam elsewhere..


We have no way of "talking" to each other except through the posts we both participate in.  I'd say you're getting a pretty decent deal even with maddy's off-topic query.  Think of it as the advertising that you are forced to get if you want a free e-Mail account on Yahoo.

I'll try to keep the chatter down.

Anyway, back on topic, how is the spam filter search going?
A search on google for the words: anti-spam lotus notes yields a lot of hits.  I'm not sure how good any of them are, but you might be able to download some trials and see what you like.

As a side note, I realize that seeing an update to your post coming into your mailbox can get you excited that the answer might be there but you're disappointed to see what you believe to be off-topic chatter, but telling someone to go spam elsewhere is a little harsh when those people are top contributors to the group.  They certainly don't need or want me to defend them, but I think there are more respectful ways to get the point across...
At the risk of drawing the ire of multipostaphobes ;) the following link might help as well:
denzmorAuthor Commented:
bhartung, maybe you are right.. that I was a bit rude, but I want answer and this is not the kind of answer I like to read and its not very professionnal.. I searched on google for many anti spam but none of them was good enough thats why im posting here.. I wont post something here before i do some research on it..

Right now Im using GroupShield, it's integrated in notes, but Its not powerfull enough...

qwaletee brings me a good application and now I will have to try it..

I know you guys are good in notes and thats not the point.... I want to get rid of spam and I get spamed here too :)

No offence

No problem.  I understand your frustration.  Everyone here wants to help and the folks who had responded to your request before me are among the most dedicated of the experts in this TA.  To qwalatee's point...even with a brief side conversation, there's an awful lot of value in the time they take to respond compared to getting a couple of points for it.

Well, hopefully you find a good answer anyway.

I should mention...

1) Most of teh AV products now claim some level of spam filtering, Norton was just an example, but I know theirs is not good.  Trend might be a little better

2) You can get an appliance that might work better for you. Some people like IronMail.  There are others.
Try kSpam from  We're using it now and it works well.  R5 & R6.


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Glad you like it!  Now, if I could only convince Tom to fully honor the Open Source promise...

- qwaletee
Grin -- was delighted when the last release included regular expressions.. was able to trim a list of deny's down to 12 very well construction regular expressions.

Didn't realize the open source wasn't posted..

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