Regex...extract filename

I always think I understand regex's until I go to use them. I'm using C# and .NET Framework.   Let's say I have the following string:

"C:\\MsDev\\Sharp\\bin\\Debug\\Control.dll`~`3`~`0`~`"    notice that `~` is my delimiter

I want to extract the filename from the string using regex.

I think the following snippet should work, but it is assigning 'filename' with the entire string, not just the filename.  Any ideas??  Thanks in advance.

//Get the filename from string using regex...
string filename = (Regex.Replace(dataString, "^(.*)(`~`)?", "$1")).ToString();
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System.IO.Path.GetFileName(file); // where file is the full path and file name
GorGor1Author Commented:
How does that work??  How is that going to extract the filename from my `~` delimited string??
Is it obligatory to use regex? You can use this:

int delPos = dataString.IndexOf ("'~'");
string filename = dataString.Substring (0, delPos);
filename = filename.Substring (filename.LastIndexOf ("\\") + 1);

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GorGor1Author Commented:
I'd much rather use regex.  The string is actually much much longer than what I posted here and I'm using regex to remove and read elements of the string, etc.

Long story short, using Regex.Replace(...) makes the most sense in my particular case.
OK, this one works in your case:

string dataString = "C:\\MsDev\\Sharp\\bin\\Debug\\Control.dll'~'3'~'0'~'";
string pattern = "(?:[\\w\\\\:]*)(?:\\\\)([^\\\\']*).*";
string filename = (Regex.Replace(dataString, pattern, "$1")).ToString();
MessageBox.Show (filename);
GorGor1Author Commented:
Thanks, it works great!  Turns out that I like your other solution better.  It's definitely a much cleaner approach.  Thanks again.
so how is that any easier than using the Path.GetFileName method? it seems like a lot more work to me.
He has the file path in a string variable among other data and wants to extract it. Path.GetFileName will give you the path of a pysically existing file which is absolutely different
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