Anti-Spam software for Outlook Express IMAP accounts???

Does anyone know of an anti-spam package that will work with Outlook Express IMAP accounts?
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Yeah both McAffee and Nortons new antivirus programs will do this.
McAfee VirusScan

  Norton AntiVirus
Actually it isn't the anti virus programs that do this but seperate products

Symantec's Norton Internet Security™ 2004

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dickparkerAuthor Commented:
Sorry CrazyOne, but the sites you listed do not specify that the packages work with IMAP accounts.  Most only handle POP3 accounts.
try Spam Inspector 4
Sorry, I am using Imap with Outlook, and the OE version of Spam Inspector does not work with IMAP
That isn't what it say here

Spam Inspector uses a specialized application that sits in the middle of your Email client for POP and IMAP mail retrieval and your email server. This application known as the Spam Filter Gateway provides all necessary spam filtering services. The service acts as a proxy and therefore requires you to modify your email account settings. If you would like to have this automatically set, simply use the 'Manage Spam Inspector Email Accounts...' by right clicking on the Spam Inspector system tray icon next to your computer's clock.
dickparkerAuthor Commented:
According the giantcompany website on their latest product.

"Note: The Spam Inspector™ does not support IMAP through Outlook Express and does not support Hotmail in Outlook Express with Windows 98 and ME."

I could not find the quote above from CrazyOne (12/10/2003, 5:02 pm).

I have been using Spam Inspector for a few years.  It works with IMAP in Outlook, but not in Outlook Express.  I made a bad assumption based upon my use in Outlook.  Sorry, dickparker
dickparkerAuthor Commented:
I went to the web address cited by CrazyOne.  I still cannot find the quote he referred to (I went right to the site using the link in his message).  They are advertising Spam Inspector 4.0.  If you try this address, you will see that they do not support Outlook Express IMAP accounts (yet).
>>>I still cannot find the quote he referred to

then you didn't go to that link. YOu need to copy and past the the whole thing into the address bar. 

and what I quoted is the very first set of comments on that page and it is referring to Outlook Express and the date of the comment is Oct 17 2003

Also in your link it says that IMAP4 is not supported. Are you using IMAP4 if not then it implies it works with other IMAP versions.
I think the options you have for Outlook Express and IMAP are pretty limited...

If you can switch to Outlook, this product is one we have been recommending to our clients with good success...

It handles IMAP on Outlook, but only POP on OE...

Sorry I didn't h ave more...

Good Luck

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I am curious, why did you award me the points???

I really didn't have much to offer in my answer...

As well as the product from Sunbelt software (I Hate Spam) is the same as Postal Inspector from www.giantcompany under a different name.

how about some nice freeware?

What do I need to use SpamPal?

   1. A machine running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 or XP.
   2. A POP3 or IMAP4 mailbox.
   3. A standard email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora.

It's very easy to install and configure.  Precious few minutes and you're on your way to spamfree status.  Clientside spam filtering does not prevent reception of spam, it merely detects and flags or moves it for you

I suggest that you also install some similarly free plugins for SpamPal

HTML modify
Peer 2 Peer (no, its not file sharing)
RegEx filter
URL body

It's free, extremely useful, well documented, and supported by a friendly community of experts in their own right.

hope this helps!
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