Speed slowdown problem

I have SBC DSL and I am using IE6. However, my internet browsing speed drastically slows down to a level slower than dialup speed after I have restarted the computer and have been browsing for a few minutes. If I shut down the computer and restart, it speeds up again for a few minutes and slows down. I have a eMachines T1220 computer. I don't know if that has anything to do with it? Any ideas?
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r u using a router or it is a direct connection from modem ?

what OS you have ?

mfarid1Author Commented:
It is a direct connection from the DSL modem. I am NOT using a router. I am using Windows XP Home Edition that comes wityh eMachines computers.
mfarid1Author Commented:
Also, when I did the speed test at SBC DSL's website, the speed came out to be almost 1MBPS which is extremely. I am thinking that the problem is with the cheap eMachines computer that I am using.
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The computer would not be the problem.
First I would get a couple of Ping addreses from the ISP. Using these in the dos mode from windows will identify a slow connection but better if you are loosing data on the transmission.

Next ask them, because I found out they do not offer you help, the URL to test your system from your machine. What it does, is send a packet of information to their location and measures the kbytes/ sec coming back to you. It should with a DSL, be around 700 kbytes/sec, which is optimal. I did it on my system and it was slower than dialup! They are as a result coming to the house to remove a jumper.

I have had problems as I did with Earthlink for one month after getting DSL. I did not expect any thing different.

The interesting thing is that I had a tech come to the house and trace the line back to their location spending 30 man hours on the job. They even found a phone line which was not used attached to my phone line.

Lastly as I am sure you know put filters on any item attached to your DSL line.
mfarid1Author Commented:
The only item attached to my DSL is my computer. This is how I am connecting: I have a phone jack and I am using a filter that SBC gave me. From the filter, 1 line is going to the cordless telephone and the other is going to the SBC DSL Modem.

After I restart my computer, browsing is fast for a few minutes and then it slows down again. Just some more info. for diagnosis.
I would ask your ISP for the site to test your download speed. Then get  data when it is working and then when it slows down. Next get from your ISP, several Ping numbers. Ping their site when it is working, and when it is slow. Document your findings. Give the data a go back to them and bother them until you are satisfied. That is what I did with Verizon for a month. I averaged a call every other day. Each time I called I got another piece to the puzzle. Keep bothering them, but with good data, besides the phone call is free. You should only expect the best. Take no noncense, even if you need to one level up to their 'help' disk or supervisor.

I had the same prblem when I first got Earthlnk Dsl. It also took a month to resolve. The only key I did not have and I wished they had offered it to me is their website whene I could measure the download speed.

Let me know about the data you collect.

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Are you using any sort of P2p client like Kazaa or Blubster or grokster or Bear share? - it sounds like after you boot, it takes a minute or 2 for your P2p client to connect, and that uses alot of your bandwith, as well as cpu time - hope this helped

if this is case try turning off your uploads
try redusing the number of simutainous downloads

try turnding off the software completly and uninstalling it from your system, and then downloading K++
do a google search for it
mfarid1Author Commented:
Thank you for your responses. I'll try your solutions and get back to you.
your description of your connection suggests that your running your modem through a filter, is that the case? huge nono and i cant see how it would work at all if you are. the filter is designed to block the dsl signal from interacting with devices on the other side of it.

what modem are you using? there is usually a hot key to display statistics on the driver software.

Check your system for spyware (download SpyBot Search And DEstroy, search google for it). Check your connection for unexpected traffic. SCan for trojans/viruses that use your connection to attack/infect others.

Check that every device connected to your DSL phone line is filtered EXCEPT the modem. (dont forget the kitchen wall phone)


so what was the problem ? got it resolved?

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