Install Window98 And WindowXP On Same Drive

I Want to install windows98 and windows XP on the same drive c:\ (MBR) . i try to install it on the same drive but win98 main folder windows was replaced by the main folder of window XP .
when i firstly install the window98 with the change name folder like (winnn) and then install windows XP on the same drive then only windows XP run but win98 folder Winnn remain same but not run the window98
is there any way to install window98 and windowXP on the same (one) drive and both windows run by choosing the option in boot-choice menue which apear when two oprating system install one one PC
Please Help Me ??
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Use Fdisk to create two partitions, now install win98 to the first one. After you've got it up and running, install winXP onto the second partition.
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
As LucF points out, it is NOT advised to install both on the same partition.  Create two partitions and place an OS on each.

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there is a good tutorial @
Its Positively Not Possible!
Sorry! But thats the truth!

I know that u will wait for another answers.. but if u cant get what u want, then that means i am 100% right

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Actually, it is possible.  You must not use the same directory names though (change 98 system folder to W98 or something, just not Windows), BUT it is NOT advisable due to the tow OS's wreaking havoc with your Program Files folder.


CheeetaaAuthor Commented:
Dear -notch_ur_head
You Says That I Can Never Install two OS at one (same) partition. but i case of Win200 and Win98 i have install these two OS at my c: Primary partition and these oprating systems work correctly both are install on the same c: . So why i cannot install win98 with winXP one same partition. Why Why Why?
Win2000 And Win98 Are both install one c: and i used them but now i want to replace win2000 with winXP so why this could not be possible .
Please some one have any idea about this.
I hope if i will make some changes in config.sys and autoexec.bat then this will be possible but i don't know that what kind of changes.
is there any changes in Config.sys file while loading windows98 as well as windowsXP.
Help me?

Mr Fatal_Exception
I do this but its not working . tell me another way .
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Che...  As commented here, it is HIGHLY advisable that you do NOT install XP on the same partition.  XP installs naturally in a different folder than W2K (winnt vs windows), and thus in the same folder as W98.  You will get in real trouble if you do not designate a different folder for the XP installation.  If you want, you could uninstall your 2K and install XP in that folder, but again, I really really do not recommend it.

Best practice:  Create another partition and install it there.  You will find countless articles on the net regarding this as the proper way to dual boot.  If you do not subscribe to this you may be extremely sorry for not following these experts advise.

CheeetaaAuthor Commented:

why you dont recomended to install winxp with win98. i uninstalled 2k now what is the method tu install winxp with win98 on same partition.
please tell me. give me any solution if you have
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
First please read my former comment.  Use a utility like Partition Magic (priced at around $30) to create a second partition.  Make that partition at least 6 GB, and when you start the installation from the XP cd, you choose that second partition to install it on.  Piece of cake!

Unfortunately I do not know of any free partitioning tool that can repartition the drive 'on the fly'.  I think that Linux fdisk might work, but having never used it, I am not sure what it would do.  I do know that it cannot read NTFS though.

The reason W2K worked for you is that it installs in the winnt folder.  XP installs into the Windows folder, which is the same as your W98 folder.  Obviously this is a real problem.  

Again, the best way for you to manage the dual install is to create that 2nd partition and install it there.

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