Mailbox creation delay

I'm setting up AD user accounts - with exchange mailbox - remotely. On a rare occasion the new account can log in immediately - but mostly there is a delay - this delay varies - 2 to ?? minutes. In exchange system manager, the new mailbox does not show until this 'delay' expires and then new account can log in. I've read that msExchUserAccountControl should be set after mailbox creation and this should take care of the delay, but I haven't had any success.
Any help would be appreciated.
win2k advserver - exchange 2000
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The key word you mention here is remotely.
Two key things here
1.When you create an account, make sure you select domain controller that sits the site where exchange is located. Remember your DCs must be replicated before exchange uses RUS to update the new AD objects.  in active directory users and computers, right click the dc and click connect to domain controller and connect DC on that location. That way, you avoid  AD replication latency.
2. Set your exchange RUS update interval to run always. If you want a quick update, check the account you just created the mailbox and once you know all the extra three tabs show up in AD users and computers, go to your exchange esm> RUS> right click and say update now.

try this
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Also, just to add, the new mailbox doesn't show up, period, until the user logs in. the mailbox is created upon login, hence the welcome message that Outlook sends whenever you create a new outlook account. If you have multiple DCs, you may want to force replication in Sites and Services to hurry the process along. But you definitely have to do what ydirie said first, update and rebuild the RUS.

dgrafxAuthor Commented:
thanks for replying...
in my scenario exchange is on the only DC in this domain (with one DC is replication an issue? if yes, is there a way to tell the DC to not bother replicating?). Also RUS is set to always run. I did the " right click the dc and click connect to domain controller and connect DC on that location" as you said, but with only one DC does it have a choice?
As far as the 'update now' option from RUS, that still does not enable account immediately. also this does need to be done remotely or automatically.
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dgrafxAuthor Commented:
I need to add a couple things - this is an online application creating new mail accounts from users who sign up. It is not using outlook. And I did try logging in with outlook to test what Kidego said and I get the same result - password incorrect. And to reiterate - given time the new user is able to log in.
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
forgot to add that the mailbox IS created - given time - without logging in. The only issue is the time delay.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
the user may have a mailbox, but the resource isn't created until a message is sent to the mailbox. It won't show in the ESM until this happens, just a fact of Exchange. your online app may be doinig this for you. Once again, though, this really is a replication issue with your GCs. Outlook contacts the GC to find its mailbox, so until the GC knows about it, no login happens. Is exchange on a member server, a DC, or a DC/GC?

dgrafxAuthor Commented:
OK yes, my app is sending an email to new user, I forgot I did this for the purpose you stated, sorry.
Now to the delay... what settings should I look at to get around this?
Exchange is on the only DC in the domain.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
The only DC/GC in the domain? After the update/rebuild of the RUS? Wow, there shoudln't be ANY delay, like only the time it takes for the object to be stamped with a proxy address. Less than 300 users, this takes about 2-3 minutes. If you make the user object and mailbox using the ADUC, instead of your application, do you still have a delay logging in with the new account?> I usually test my new accounts with OWA directly on the server. Works immediately. It's worth a try.
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
creating an account with ADUC usually gives immediate access. when it doesn't I've noticed that the email address isn't defined - sometimes it's not - don't know why that is either.
thanks. any ideas?
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
that's the RUS, stamping the object with a proxy address (SMTP address). If I want it to happen immediately, I always update the RUS, then rebuild after I create the object. If it's less than 500 on 1 DC/GC, it really doesn't take that long. If no email address is defined, the RUS hasn't stamped it yet.

dgrafxAuthor Commented:
OK - sounds like you're pretty knowledgeable. Is there anything I can do with this? when a person signs up for a hotmail account - you don't need to wait 10 minutes to log in and try it out. If I could get this delay down to 2 or 3 minutes as long as it was always 2 or 3 minutes - I could post a notice that they'd be able to log in in 3 minutes and I guess I could live with that if I can't find a way to do this. But I'm having delays of 15 minutes or more (haven't actually timed it). This will make trial users leave the site and may never come back. They might leave with a 2 minute delay also though.
Any ideas on how to 'refresh' this. keep in mind this will be done from a web page - not at the DC where one can update the RUS or something similar. In the beginning I was hoping there was simply a setting that controlled this. The always run option in the RUS doesn't seem to be exactly it though.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:;en-us;823153

Basically, the delay is unavoidable, unless you perform the manual rebuild of the RUS after mailbox creation.Now I'm not a programmer, but I'd bet there's a way to write a call to the RUS and force rebuild after the app creates the mailbox for you. The delay you're experiencing though, isn't because of Exchange (15+ minutes), it's the app if I had to guess. A single DC/GC/Exchange server, with the RUS set to Always Run, shouldn't take that long. Is this an app you wrote, or someone else's packaged app?

dgrafxAuthor Commented:
I wrote it - but I create the account with an ldif file, this is the only contact with AD other than a user logging in.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
If I find anything else that will help, I'll post back to here. I'm bookmarking this question....

dgrafxAuthor Commented:
I'm posting an update to what I've found.
After the day we'd posted on this, the mailbox store would refresh and newly created account could log in immediately if another connection to create a mailbox had not occured recently - didn't measure the amount of time. Since I was just adding this functionality to an application I was finishing - It was very frustrating as one of the tests involved creating several accounts one right after the other to test durability. I never did come up with anything that would refresh as desired with accounts being created simultaneously and consecutively.
The solution though I discovered is Exchange 2003 Server. Newly created accounts can be logged into in a second after creation - as many one right after another as I've tested. This is what I needed as this application is for sale.
I thank you very much for the suggestions.

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