PenPower Jr. v5.0 working with Microsoft Word?

      If anybody has or know what this program is. I have questions. Brief summary of my problem. My mom has her own pc at home and she decided to wanted to write on a pad instead of typing chinese using NJSTAR Communicator 2.3 or whatever the version is. So I bought her a the Crystal Touch Pad for her to use. At home, I set up WIN2k on her computer and it works fine. Shes able to right chinese on thgfe pad and it automatically appears in Microsoft Word (installed it with Microsoft Office 2000). Anyway , her work requires translations from english to chinese; so she bought another one for HER work. Heres when the problem comes into play. The College (mom works in the admission department), and the computer runs WIN98. I havent used this OS in years lol. So I didnt think it matter.I did the same thing I did when I installed for her at home. I installed NJSTAR Communicator and then installed PenPower Jr 5.0 given. I opened up NJSTAR , set it to auto chinese simplified. Then I ran PenPower then opened up Microsoft Word. When she writes this time on the pad, Microsoft Word doesnt seem to have the language installed or something? Comes out with funny chars like AE etc(Even when I write an alphabet on the pad it does the same). Wondering if anybody can guide me since I cant read/write chinese so I wont be able to use the manual or any software containing info about this because it is a chinese prgrm. I tried many times trying to solve this but still no solution yet. Well Thanks for reading this and hope you can help me out.

*NOTE* = when I type chinese using NJSTAR it works fine on Microsoft Word.
                 Only when I try writing on the Crystal Pad running PenPower it doesnt seem to be able to translate.
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byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
Hi bklynblee,
Did you install the RichWin helper application? See


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bklynbleeAuthor Commented:
Must have forgot that?? lol ...Is it really necessary for it though? Because I never had that CD when I installed on WIN2k because I never had it. But the 2nd one that my mom did have it. Never realized what was the purpose. Thx. Is there anything else I should know about? Because if there is please post it up thx. I dont wanna go to her workplace and install the RichWin helper and realize it still doesnt work. Such as hassle waking up (short winter break).
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
I don't speak or read Zhongguo, but did install TwinBridge software for some Chinese colleagues in the mid-Nineties.

I found an FAQ for PenPower, but of course can't read it--and Babelfish was laughable. I think that it might be saying that you need to install RichWin on Win 98, but not on Windows 2000. If so, I'm guessing the issue is Unicode character support--which is built into Windows 2000 and XP, but not earlier versions. Perhaps your mom could help with the translation.
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