Major diff between winme and win2000

I bought a used laptop from dell that came preinstalled with win2000. I've been using winme on my desktop and wonder what are the major differences between the two OS. The laptop is for personal use not business.

Any recommended references (other than the book Win2000 for dummies) that could give me the basic stuff i need to know.
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On basic thing it is a far better OS then ME is by a long shot. It is more stable and responsive most of the time
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Note that those links make comparison to Win98 which ME is Win98 with some added features. And Win2000 was released before ME was.
Windows 2000 Professional vs. Windows Me

CrazyOne YOur Crazy! hehe You have nailed this one.

Well I would select Windows 2000 as it is Secure and Stable.

Windows ME is kind of flimsy, not stable and wouldnt rely on it thats for sure.
When Windows 2000 boots, you may have noticed on the spash screen, the phrase, 'Built on NT Technology'. This is the root of the differences.

All Windows NT based operating systems (NT 3, 4, 2000, XP, Server 2003) are protected-mode operating systems. This means in a nutshell that software cannot directly control and access the computer hardware. For software to perform any operations in NT at all it must pass instructions through the HAL (Hardware Abstarction Layer). This layer is part of the operating system kernel and protects and divides each running software component from each other as well as policing what goes on. This is the main reason that NT multi-tasks much better than any of the legacy systems (95, 98, ME). And is also the reason that those hardware locking nightmares only the power switch will cure rarely happen in NT.

Yes, make no mistake about it -- Millenium Edition is basically 98 warmed over.

So there's a brief technical overview.

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Win 2000 does not boot as quickly, does not hang(except when SP's aren't loaded or hardware is faulty-or an opengl app is not up to date-quake3arena), does not need to restart when changing network settings, does not have scrolling "my pictures" screensaver, and is the best O.S Microsoft has ever made and my personal choice. 95% of the Windows ME machines that I have worked on I have had to reload as they have crashed!

Enjoy Windows 2000 Pro-it's your friend!
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
robinett, i never thought such a FAQ question even received so many expert's posts. well, those are all technical viewpoints, since you use this computer at home, so i would give you some personal advices on it:

1. if you play old games, go use ME, else choose 2K for new and large games.
2. if you have less than 128 MB memory, go use ME, else choose 2K for more memory.
3. if you DONT run a lot of applications at same time, go use ME, else choose 2K.
4. if you prefer built-in multimedia support, for digital camera, slide show, movie maker etc, go use ME, else choose 2K.
5. if you DONT need multi-language support, go use ME, else chhose 2K for unicode and more

personally, i prefer 2K.

hope it helps,
THE very simple answer is , 2K is based on NT Technology and ME is not ..
read the explaination givenby paul above..
Better work on both the OS , then u never ask these kinda que. again

Win ME = Crap
Win2k = Not Crap

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
robinett, are you here with us? :)
robinettAuthor Commented:
Sorry been out of internet range a while.

I think crazy is the winner because of number of post but PaulHieb also warrants because of the post that is the fartherest over my head but still understandable.

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Windows 2000

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