URGENT!!--How to direct pages


I have an application that is been used by 3 users:

One the volunteers-page1,page2

one the organization-page1,page2 and etc

one user the administrator-page1,page2....

How when the user logs-in,

if volunteer direct into their pages.

if organization ,direct into their pages..

if administrator,direct into their pages..

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just as you have written it in your question......

String type = request.getParameter("userType")  //Here I am assuming that you will get the type from request.
<jsp:forward page="userpage.jsp"/>
<jsp:forward page="adminpage.jsp"/>
<jsp:forward page="volnteerpage.jsp"/>

that is about it...
All I have done is wrote your english in jsp...:-)

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Jasbir21Author Commented:
   I think i understand, i never get usertype,but now i will thanks.
  what if i got many pages, i mean:


one the organization-page1,page2 and etc

one user the administrator-page1,page2
well.... you will start from one page and then it will navigate from one page to another.........
you can not show all of the pages one by one right???
and I assume that these pages are separate pages to each other.... so they should be able to handle their own navigation in my opinion.....
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If you're adding a usertype as you seem to indicate, you can store that in a session variable, rather than having to keep retrieving it from the client (obviously, you'll need to identify the type when they first log in ;-))

Have you had a look at Realms yet?  If you use Realms, you could use:

if (request.isUserInRole("admin"))
else if (request.isUserInRole("typeA"))


Where the role is declared in the Realm data.  Ideally, you'd want to do this with a database, but you should be able to try the idea out quite quickly if you create a "Memory Realm".  Have a look towards the end of this link: http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-4.0-doc/realm-howto.html

If you don't want to use realms, just mention this in your next post and I'll stop nagging on about it ;-)
Jasbir21Author Commented:
  I added the usertype, but my problem i found out that i did something that i got an error. I mean, when i click, it does not go to other page. What wrong could i have done....

pls help ,
Is there any error output available?

It might be a good idea to display the usertype somewhere (for debugging purposes), so that you know you are comparing it to the correct value.

(eg. if you just did a cut-and-paste with Kuldeepchaturvedi's code, he had a typo for the spelling of volunteer).
Jasbir21Author Commented:
 i guess, my problem is the way i navigated the pages, it is not so ok.
So, i thought, if i need to change the navigation of pages a lot, i need to redo a lot of the project...
...so, i thought, i use realm, i think i did something that the realm usertype is not being properly redirected.

Pls help,thanks
Jasbir21Author Commented:
or, do you think , it is better i change naviagation of pages..

If you identify the type of user when they have logged in, you can avoid having to check all the time by keeping separate pages for the different types of user (eg. one set of JSPs for admins and another set for normal users).

When your JSP is generating the first response after login, you could modify the links on the page appropriately.

This way, you would only need to do role checking in the pages that they share.
well that will need him changing all the code that he has already written...
I would rather suggest to getting straight the navigation of the pages
Jasbir21Author Commented:
ok, i think i understand,i would work on it now.

I think my main problem is the way i naviagate the pages, is very bad.

Thanks you
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