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Graphics Card required for best LCD display

Posted on 2003-12-11
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Last Modified: 2013-11-08

I recently got a new ViewSonic LCD monitor - VX900 at work.  I also recently got a new similar (slightly better) ViewSonic LCD monitor at home.  The display at home is MUCH sharper than here at work and I am wondering if this is the cheap graphics cards that we use at work?!?  Does anybody know what kind of a graphics card I should use at work to sharpen up the image?  I've read that I should have a graphics card with DVI outputs - is that the only requirement?

Thanks for your help!
Question by:AirResourceSpec

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ID: 9920764
Are you running at the same resolution and refresh rate? Check your Display Properties > Settings tab for resolution and then the Advanced button Adaptor/Monitor tab to check your refresh rate.

What these are set to depend on the specification of the monitor, if you're unsure try 800*600 and 1024*768 resolutions at refresh rates of 70-75 Hz. Better still is to consult the manual to get them spot on as these are key to the sharpness of the image that you view. Worth checking as it might sort it out for you without spending any extra cash ;)
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DVI outputs will not give you any improvements over VGA for a desktop display - you have to use a projector before the differences are apparent.  For regular office applications, Matrox cards (like the G450) output some very sharp text and graphics.  If you're looking for video and movies, the Radeons lead the pack (9200 or 9600).
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ID: 9924613
The lack of  signal losses due to DA and AD conversion isn't much of a factor on small screens or short cables, as stated above, you're not likely to see any improvement.

Geometry, clock and phase settings unnecessary - therefore simple to use and easier to implement for manufacturers as well as lower production costs as less electronic circuitry required.

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DVI output WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER DISPLAY OVER VGA, I have a samusing LCD and the Display is MUCH SHARPER when run in DVI. Hover you monitor has to support DVI. see if it has a white plug on the back next to the standard Blue VGA plug. If it does then i would highly recommend getting a video card that will do DVI.

Refreash rate does not apply to LCD monitors but it sounds like you resolution may be wrong. If you have a 15inch LCD you should be running 1024X768 and if it is 17inch 1280X1024. As for the other factors, anything made with either an ATI or GFORCE chip is good, it really depends what you want to do on your computer. At leat 64meg or RAM should be enough but 128 would be better.

See if you can find out what the dot pich for your monitors are, the smaller the number the sharper image you will get.
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 9925263
sweeping generalizations aside...

Add your experiences below!
My wife's NVidia 440SE has no noticable difference DVI vs VGA on a Dell 15" flat panel
THe last place I worked had viewsonics and matrox, again we saw no difference

oh, and if you love big brother:

In February 2000, the DDWG released version 1.0 of a
new copy protection method that is designed to provide
a protected DVI link between a host and display
device. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
(HDCP) addresses copy protection issues for high-definition
content such as DVD movies that are transmitted
through the DVI link. This is a high priority for the movie
industry in particular because of concerns about pirating
of movies.
HDCP is designed to provide authentication and key exchange
to verify that a display device is authorized to
receive protected content, encryption of each pixel as it
is transmitted from the PC to the display, and “renewability.”
Renewability is the ability to identify and
exclude compromised devices.
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Assisted Solution

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ID: 9925398

Yeah, HDCP is a big problem among videophiles when making buying decisions for front projectors.  Some units that otherwise put up a great picture are rejected because they are not compliant.  The Bravo D1 is one dvd player with DVI that is not HDCP-compliant, so it was in high demand, since you could use it with any projector.

On www.avsforum.com, those same shoppers for projectors report that DVI to desktop monitors shows little, if any improvement over vga.  The issue of DVI cables is also brought up as being important for long runs because of interference - I believe it, because I see it on my cheap 30-ft KVM DVI cable in the form of "sparklies" on dark barkgrounds.  For 6-foot runs, though, no degradation is visible.
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ID: 9928279
Blurry/fuzzy screen on LCD may be caused by using lower-than-max resolution or an out-of-range refresh rate. Check both. Refresh can be set low, like 60-70Hz, as LCD's don't flicker.

Any proper graphics adapter should be able to produce sharp picture on an LCD, using VGA or DVI, as long as settings for resolution etc are properly adjusted.

We use ViewSonic's here with a variety of computers/graphics cards, and there are never any problems.

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