Traceroute Oddity

We are setting up a WAN to cover a bunch of small communities and up to this point we have had no problem. In this last community, we have a router(x.x.x.225) which plugs into a Wilan wireless ethernet bridge(root=x.x.x.226,child=x.x.x.227) and the child radio plugs into an entry point on the customers network(x.x.x.228). Now the customer is complaining that he is having the problems downloading and webpages load sometimes but not others, so it sounds like he is getting dropped packets. The only really odd thing I can find is when I do a traceroute to x.x.x.227 I get 14 hops but when i do a traceroute to x.x.x.228 I get about 24 hops. The IPs in the root and child radios are for management purposes only, normally the bridge is transparent. Does anyone have any ideas?
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That is really odd.  Are you saying on the "child" network, that tracert to the entry point takes more hops than to the child radio connected to that entry point?  Or that on the "root" network, you get lots fewer hops to the far side of the bridge, than to the point the bridge is connected to, which should be just one hop ALWAYS?
turbo_insideAuthor Commented:
It is 14 hops to the child radio(the radio on the clients premises) and 24 hops to the clients gateway.
Surely tracert is giving the IP addresses along the way, so this should give you a clue
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turbo_insideAuthor Commented:
thats just it, the unknown hops are all No Response
You say about 24 hops, is it a consistent number of hops or does it change slightly from time to time.

Do you have access to the child radio, so that you could replace with a PC and try you tracert both ways, this would at least narrow down if it is your hardware, their hardware or some sort of routing issue.

You could also try ping x.x.x.228 -l 500 -f

This should have no problems, gradually increase value until fails at around 1400, it could be file fragmentation but tracert uses such small packets if it is affected then something else is wrong
turbo_insideAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I double checked and its consistently 26 hops. Also it has nothing to do with packet fragmentation as far as i can see. Lastly, the area where this is setup is about 300km away so I cant easily replace the radio with a PC to do traceroute tests.
Another point, from tracert I assume you are doing it from your end and client is doing it from their end, so both of you should have recognisable IP(s) at either end of tracert with a blackhole somewhere around the middle, does that not give some clues?

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turbo_insideAuthor Commented:
The client said he was able to tracert to a number of sites that i named without the same problem but i continually get this problem.
turbo_insideAuthor Commented:
It doesnt look like anything is working so I will have to pursue other means but thank you for your help those were some good suggestions.
Thanks for the points, would be nice to know by posting here if you find solution.
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