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Access Messenger via sockets!!!

     Hi! I would like to ask if i could access the messenger (net send command) via WinSOckets. Does this service listen to a well specified port? I'm asking all these because i would like to make a program that sends its own messages to the host's screen using its IP address. And another question took. Can i access this service via Unix sockets? I mean do I have the ability to establish a connection with a Win server through a Unix or Linux client that connects to the apropriate port?

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I don't know them off-hand, but if you search google for a phrase like "stop messenger spam" you'll probably find resources that explain which TCP and UDP ports to close in order to prevent messenger spam.  Based on that, you'll know which ports your program should connect to.  If i remember right it was one of the 137,138 or 139 ports.

As for using unix sockets, as long as you use the proper protocol you should be able to do it from any platform, so yes unix sockets will work.

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>I would like to ask if i could access the messenger (net send command) via WinSOckets.
There is an easier way
system ( "net send ..." );

>Does this service listen to a well specified port?
I am sure it does, but I do not know the port

>Can i access this service via Unix sockets?
You mean sending net send messages to a win machine from a unix machine ... well that is indeed possible as all messenger service expects is a particular format of message to arrive on the port that it is listening to ... All you need to do is find out the format of the message... If the format is proprietary, then you are out of luck
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