Problem with implicit type conversion...


I'm trying to compile the xerces library with Dev-C++ over MinGW, and I'm getting conversion errors from all of the conversions to wchar of XML strings... If I put the explicit cast [for example: (wchar_t *)]
Everything works, anyway I don't want to write all the casts while the code compiles properly over cygwin...

Is there any option to for the compiler to cast automatically all this things?


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Can you post the exact errors and the sample code?  It might be that the compiler has a hard time picking between two conversions that it considers equally good - different compilers may have different behavior in this regard.  It's unlikely there will be a flag to alliviate your problem - but you might be able to change one of the classes in such a way that the conversion issues don't arise.
abusimbelAuthor Commented:
Hello travd,

To post the sample code is not the point because is 20MB, but enough saying that is a code that compiles fine with MS VC6, and with the same compiler in different platform. But when I'm trying I'm getting the error "Invalid conversion from (type #1) to (type #2)", I don't know why happens, and maybe there is an option to avoid it... Like the -pedantic to for the ansi special...

Thanks again,
Well what I'm saying is that gcc (which I assume you're using) is less tolerant of conversion problems than some other compilers.  We build for five platforms, with five different compilers, and when gcc is the only one to complain about some code, it's often a conversion problem.  I doubt there is a flag you can use to fix this - flags usually make the compilation warning/error process stricter, not more lenient.

You don't need to post 20 MB of code - but instread a single line that causes the erorrs, along with the definitions of the types in that line, and also the exact error message reported by the compiler for that message.

You can also try the option --disable-c-mbchar to gcc (or --enable-c-mbchar, but that should be the default).

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