Solaris 2.5.1

Does anyone have an idea where I can get a hold of solaris v 2.5.1 the company I work for is taking over an account which has lots of 2.5.1 machines but they don't have a single copy of 2.51 and we can't get a copy from Sun because it is so old.  

Many Thanks
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Sun doesn't charge for their OS, just the media. Having Sun hardware grants the owner an RTU for the OS. So there's no issue in someone burning you a copy if they have it.

That said, the oldest version I have access to is v2.7. (Well, I have a copy of SunOS 4.1.4, but that's TOO old for you)

Question: Since v2.5.1 is unsupported, why not start migrating to a newer version? What's so magical about v2.5.1 that you just HAVE to stay with it?
priceyAuthor Commented:
Its somthing to do with the ancient application that runs on the OS. The customer has said that they won't upgrade the os until the middle of next year when they are refreshing the hardware and application also.
If solairs is installed on these system then why do u need media. could u tell us the requirement and what u want to do we can help u better.
Solaris 2.5.1 is old and many companies which had this already migrated to latest releases long ago. so it will hard to find cds for 2.5.1.

some of the machines u are getting might be having jumpstart server installed on it and it may have the full solaris on it, check it out too.
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priceyAuthor Commented:
The problem is that we are going to become responsible for the restore of a server should it fail.  The customers solution at the moment is to restore from backup but we are not happy that the backup is 100%.  I know very little about unix of any flavour I'm really just trying to find the OS cds or such like.  We are trying to get to a place where we can happily re-install the OS, after that it is the customers baby to rebuild from there.
The solution, given the age of the OS and probable custom application software, is to work on the backup system and make sure that you have a good backup (preferrable via ufsdump). Without detailed examination of the system you can't tell what, if any, patches may have been applied or possible what changes to the system the application might have made. Having a 2.5.1 media set (and there were more than one version) is of little use if you can't get the patches and/or the application software. However, a restore for a good backup will work.
I agree, rebuilding the OS is not good in this case, if u have backup tapes of the full system, u can just restore the complete system and rebuild it and give it to the customer, i think they will be happy to see rather then having a system with os running and they have to do the job of installing their application and component all the time.

try ufsdump/dd unix command to get the backup and use a good backup media(tapes and all) to store it.
Solaris 5 is very old now, I don't think you can get a copy of the CD from Sun (it is
unsupported !), you need to think about the OS upgrade for your Sun boxes.

You can download the latest Solaris CDs from: (Free)

You can always use ufsdump/restore to backup/recover for your Sun boxes.

Have a look at the following pages for how to backup:

As a disaster recovery precaution, consider cloning the disk. This would copy everything including the application. Either clone the disk to a second disk in the same machine, or clone it to another disk in another machine (but best if the new disk will fit in the original machine). This can be done while the machine is live but quiet.

I just had a Solaris2.6 Oracle server develop an intermittent fault. Not wanting to rebuild it I kept it going (by shaking the disk) long enough to clone the system onto an external disk. Replaced the disk, rebooted from the new external disk, and cloned the system back onto the internal disk.

If you are interested, I'll post the details.
re-clone it monthly or weekly until the application gets upgraded to 9 or later.  Then you can just purchase the new OS media.

Orrrrrrrrr, try looking on Ebay for a copy of 2.5,,,,,, or a box that has the 2.5 media with it.  This may be a little more pricey than the media cost,,, but you could guarantee you would have the media this way.  And a test solaris box as well.


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Just do regular FULL system backup to tape  (ufsdump), and you will be ok when
you needed.
Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
But be aware that unless you take the backup in single user mode, there is always a chance that the backup will be corrupt. This goes for disk cloning as well. This problem is fixed in Solaris 8 with the introduction of the fssnap command, but since you are using Solaris 2.5.1, this will obviouly not help you.
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