Autoforward back to self.

How can I autoforward a message back to myself witout directly typing my email address.

Here's the scenerio:

I create a corporate calendar on the public folder.
I used the folder assistant under the administrative tab of the calendar.
I there, this is a forward checkbox, but I want it to send to everyone else when they post.
So, if I post in there, it'll forward to my mailbox, if someone post in there, it'll forward to their mailbox and so forth.

I'm doing this so that I'll receive a copy on my private calendar everytime I post on the corporate calendar.

If someone have a better way, I'm all ears.

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Hi nl4jy

>>>If someone have a better way, I'm all ears.

In my opinion, this may be easier:

It allows for users to post in their personal calendars (and contacts and tasks if needed) and publish them to a public calendar (or public contacts, tasks).  It works by using a distribution group that includes all users that you want their data published and it automatically scans and updates all changes at the time you specify.  

nl4jyAuthor Commented:
We don't want to synchronize all of the events.  Only certain events that the user wants other to see.  Other personal events will stay hidden.  I don't know if the software add-on allows to do that.  But I'm looking more into using whatever is currently already available to us.  Thanks for the suggestions anyway.
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Try this: have the user put the event in their calendar and use the Invite Attendees function and put in the public folder's mailbox for those events that are to be shown.
nl4jyAuthor Commented:
Yes, but I think i need it more as an automated feature.  Many users would not know how to do the Invite Attendees function and they're surely would forget even when trained.  By having them manually post either in personal or public calendar is much easier for them to use.
Sorry nl4jy, but I have never seen a way to do what you are looking to do short of making custom forms (i.e., programmed to invite the group calendar).

The link above is what I use and is the least invasive, no custom forms, runs automatically.  As long as your users mark their personal appointments private, the appointments they do not want to share will not be synchronized with the group calendar.

Their are other ways out there, like Enterprise Calendar ( but those use custom forms I believe.

nl4jyAuthor Commented:
I actually found this tip on  the address is as follows:

Down on the section: Do-It-Yourself Method @ Folder Assistant Method.

Problem is he didn't really go in detail on how this is actually accomplish.
hey nl4jy

For the Folder Assistant Method to work, you would need to create a rule for each person that would be posting in the public calendar

From: UserX
Forward to: UserX
Leave Message Intact

and then UserX would need "an Inbox rule to move incoming items using the Appointment form to their personal Calendar folder"

I gave an optional way as requested to accomplish Nick's question and then provided an answer to another solution that he wanted to pursue, both of which I believe would work well.  I think no points should be refunded on this one.
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