Mac / Windows Word vX question

I am trying to attach documents to my out going emails via Netscape email client on a Mac running OSX  -  the email client is only displaying a path name in the attachment section.  the document is not attaching correctly... there is only the path name.

however, documents can be attached if they are on the desktop.

need help attaching docs from folders into netscape email client.

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I think that you may be misinterpreting what the email client is telling you - until the email is sent, it will display the path to the attachment you're trying to send.  When you have something on the desktop, which is apparently the default path for this program, it shows only the name of the attachment.  I think that when you actually send the email your recipient will find the actual attachment, not the path.  The path is just there as confirmation as to which file you have selected, in case you have files with similar names, but in different folders.  Have faith, I think it will work.


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m_wolf1Author Commented:
No, tried it already... nada.

It comes up with an error and never completes the d/l of the attachment.

Does that help?

Which version/release of Netscape are you running?
What is the exact version of OSX you are running?

Some combinations have a problem with the SMTP handshaking when uploading/downloading.

If you are not running the latest of each try the following. It can be a pain in the butt doing it this way but the end result is more likely to meet your specific needs and I am not a supporter of always going to the latest release of a product unless a clear need can be demonstrated.

Start by ensuring that OSX is at least 10.2.3.

This version is a minimum requirement for much of the software coming out now.

If you are already at that version of later - try upgrading incrementally to the latest possible - running a test between each OSX upgrade to see if the problem is solved.


If the problem persists try doing the same thing with the Netscape software.

If after upgrading both OSX and Netscape to the latest versions in this manner you still have a problem then post the result on this question and we will try again.

NB. Carefully note the exact messages or symptoms for each test whether passed or failed as you may need to look up further information if the problem persists.

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