Backup Exec Open File Option Error

I am running Netware 5.1 with Backup Exec 8.5 with the Open File Options to backup my Groupwise Directory.  The nightly backup has been giving me an error the past few days.  When I look at the log I find the following error when the backup begins backing up the groupwise directory.  

"The Open File Option static volume was found to be corrupt.  The virtual volume was unable to mount"

I have looked on the Veritas website for the meaning of this error but have not been successful so far.  I am wondering if anyone has encountered this.  I don't know if it's a disk storage issue or if I need to recreate the volume or what.

I have not installed anything on the Netware server recently other than Inoculan virus updates.

Thanks in advance!
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Have you recently enabled auditing on the server?
BE 8.5 OFO doesn't support voumes where auditing has been enabled.
tbeasley123Author Commented:
No I haven't enabled any type of auditing.
tbeasley123Author Commented:
If it helps, I found the following in the system bootlog.  The time stamp is the time that the error came across.

12-10-2003  11:17:45 pm - SERVER - 5.00--1:
Volume O_000_09430E40 could NOT be mounted.  Some or all volume
segments cannot be located
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Sounds like some critical file in BE is corrupted.
also - if you are using GroupWise 6.x or above, dump the Open File Option, upgrade to Backup EXEC 9 and use the GWTSA to backup GroupWise instead.
For an even better alternative, go for a competitive upgrade to CA BrightStor ARCserve 9 and use the GWTSA to back up GroupWise 6.x.

Tape management and job scheduling are SO much better than with BE, and the management interface is much easier to use for both backup and restore configuration.
oh, 100% agreed.  I've got both in use.  I'm going to kill BE totally next year.
I think DSPoole's idea of switching the OFM for the TSA is excellent. Try that.
'course the only way to do that is if you have GW6.x first, and then upgrade off of BE8.5...
tbeasley123Author Commented:
i'll look at the option that dspoole made.  however, i'm just wondering why this stopped working all of a sudden.  i'm going to be doing a big upgrade to this machine in the near future and didn't want to make a lot of changes now.  do you all think this is a space related issue with not having enough capacity for the open file program to create the volume?
I found this on Google:

Look for the entry OTM_CacheFileName
By default it creates the file (OTM01) in SYS:SYSTEM
You can change the location and name of the file.  Put it on a volume
that has plenty of room.  Also put it in its own folder (such as
vol:\OFO).  Manually create the folder.  Changing BESRVR.CFG won't
trigger creation of the folder.

Also look at Otm_MaxSizeOfCacheFileMB
The default setting here is often way too low.
Look at the size of the volume you have the cache file on (in GB) and
multiply it by 40.  Convert it to hex.  That's the value to assign to
this parameter.

For example, if your volume is 12GB, 12*40 = 480, or 1E0 hex.

If you don't see any OTM parameters in BESRVR.CFG, you might want to
try reinstalling OFO."

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Google is your friend.
tbeasley, if you are planning to upgrade your server to NetWare 6.5, you want to upgrade your backup platform first.  

BackupExec 8.5 doesn't handle the latest version of eDirectory, which NetWare 6.5 loads as its default DS.

Upgrade all of the products that have eDirectory version issues or dependencies, before you upgrade your server.
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