Rolling back transactions in Access (using ADO, DAO, Access code, whatever)

I'm a SQL programmer, fairly new to Access...

I have an Access database that I created a form in, within the form, I want to run several action queries (to insert data, update data, and delete other data) over a series of 4 queries.  If any of them fail, I need to roll them all back.  I thought the ability to rollback would be inherent to Access 2000 but apparently not.

I tried to use ADO since I am familiar with that, but two problems:
1. ADO asks for the path of the file - that is really redundant since I am IN the database that I want to interact with, but I provided it the path anyway.
2. When I try to open the database that I am ALREADY IN,  it tells me that (80004005) "database has been placed in a state that prevents it from being open or locked"

Should I be using DAO?  Is there a better way to connect using ADO?  Can I use functions and calls inherent to VBA or A2000 that will allow rollbacks.

Thanks for your time.


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DAO makes it very simple ...

Public Function TRANS()

Dim blnTrans As Boolean
Dim ws As DAO.Workspace


Set ws = DBEngine(0)

    blnTrans = True
    DBEngine(0)(0).Execute ...blah your SQL, dbFailOnError
    DBEngine(0)(0).Execute ...blah your SQL, dbFailOnError
    DBEngine(0)(0).Execute ...blah your SQL, dbFailOnError

   Set ws = Nothing
    Exit Function
   If blnTrans = True Then
  End If
End Function


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PaulBarbinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Steve, worked like a champ.  I didn't want to jump into DAO, but its not as scary as I thought.

you are welcome, I have not done transactions with ADO yet but I am sure it is possible. Thanks for the points.

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I crack me up ... here is a link to a question I answered a while ago on how to do transactions with ADO...

PaulBarbinAuthor Commented:
I had seen a link with that and tried it "currentproject.connection", but it didn't work - I probably typo'd it.  I am much more familiar with ADO and would have preferred that route.  Thanks again for the help.

Alan WarrenApplications DeveloperCommented:
Hi Steve,

Wondering if you might look into an excel question for me,
Re: Sharing conflicts with excel linked tables.
The guy is losing heart, so I told him I would try to find the excel dude (you) LOL

Sorry for spamming your post Paul.

Alan :)
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