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Hi, I have PHP and javascript. I have a nice DHTML page I made for a menu thingy, that has a number of links that can be shown/hidden.  When the user returns to the page it is reloaded from the server and rebuilt.  But I would like the users to be able to return to it in the state they left it.  The thingy has lots of hide/show sections. I guess I could get javascript to send a record of all the show states to the server as GET parameters, or maybe even POST an array of thingy states along when a link is selected - so the server could recreate it in the same state.  But what I was wondering is whether I can get javascript to keep and update the show states client-side between pages, somehow, and reload them?  Would a cookie allow this?
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Yes - cookies are probably the way to go, BUT, some people disable cookies, so this process cannot be reliedon:(

He is a link on how to to set/reset/read cookies:


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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
If your using php, then i would forget the cookies all together
and set a var on the server some how when a menu is expanded and when it is closed.

just use either hidden form fields, and onload have an init function to read the hidden field value(s) and then show or hide the menu(s)  


You could pass a query string thru the link and use php to read the query str and set your menu up like that, or use in javascript to read it.
kaller2Author Commented:
Yes I have heard these urban myths that some people turn off cookies, but I have yet to meet one of these mythical beings that programming folk legends thrive apon.  I imagine they eat their meat raw and light fire by rubbing sticks together.  Tales of latterday luddites?  Lump these with the half a dozen users world wide using Netscape 3 no doubt?  And thin client ?  It is not always a good idea to hammer the pipe to the server when you have a gazillion megaflops lying idle on the users desktop?  Idle that is apart from the mis-application of enormous computing power to the simple problem being an operating system, with a propensity to fail.  And generate endless pseudo support teaser messages - these must be the same half wits who press the "send" button ;)

Seriously tho many thanks for the cookie refs, reading now...
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