possible intruder alert

I have my cisco set up and my router keeps denying a call on port 135. Can anyone tell me what this is or help me research this.

Thanks, Troy
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> Can anyone tell me what this is or help me research this.

Port 135 is used by Microsoft for RPC.  Read all about it:

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A router can only deny what it is told to. Do you have any access-lists?
Perhaps the ISP is blocking tcp 135 further upstream. This is a recent phenomenon since the outbreak of MSBlast and Welchia worms.

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Sounds like Welchia or Blaster or one of the other RPC exploiters are knocking.  Luckily, you have a firewall.  I recommend you leave 135 blocked.  And find out the source of the requests (there should be an associated IP Address).  Report this IP address to your ISP and ask them to investigate it, as the source Host may be infected with a Virus/Worm.

And remember, the triad of virus protection:
1. Firewall
2. Up To Date Antivirus Software
3. Latest Operating System patches and fixes whether they be MS, *nix, or Mac
If it ticks you off that you're being probed, take a look at http://www.dshield.org/fightback.php
There some good info about security there as well.
oh, and listen to Irmoore.  If you take a look to the right, at that list of the Top 15 Experts...
troyd1Author Commented:
Thanks for all the info. This was all good info.
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