Does Tomcat 3 get confused when there are two classes of diff version, but of same name in the class path?

Hi experts,

We are using tomcat 3 on our server, where multiple applicatons are running. Each application has its own folder under Tomcat, each folder has its own WEB-INF directory where we put our class file. Somehow, there are two application using the same classes, but different version, which means the class names are the same, but the codes are different.

Strangely, the one application which was installed on the machine earlier than the other seems "over power" the other that the newly installed application only sees the class version on the other directory, but not the one on its own WEB-INF directory. How to fix this and why?

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cindyliAuthor Commented:
thanks. I have seen this document, which talks about Tomcat 4, not Tomcat 3 though.
as I was suggesting you to update to tomcat 4. a better version.
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Are you sure the class doesn't exist in the lib directory of Tomcat?
How did you change the Tomcat classpath?
cindyliAuthor Commented:

My understanding is you don't set classpath for Tomcat, it looks for certain directory itself. Yes, the classes do not exist in lib, but just under WEB-INF of each application.
You set the classpath before starting the server.
I assume you put the class files under WEB-INF\classes folder.
Tomcat as many servers caches classes so it doesn't have to load them in memory everytime they are used, if the problem is with a packege you made you should consider changin the package name, you can use garbage collector but if the applications are being used at the same time, is hard to tell if the class will be dropped, if the class is from a comercial package you should just update the old one. It should work with the new one.

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