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I've recieved good advice from here before, in regards to using movie clips as buttons, but now I've come to another problem.

At the moment I have a movie clip acting as a button (on rollover gotoAndStop frame 2, etc) and this animates perfectly. What I'm having problems with is making this button useful - showing the appropriate screen. These buttons have code already and I'm wondering where to put the extra stuff. Up 'til now I've put it in the On Release section.

Because it plays an animation on release I don't think I can make the button link to another scene because this will kill the animation. What I've been trying is having the text panel of the site the same as the buttons - a movie clip with each frame a different page of text. I thought it would be easy for my button to change the current frame in the Text-movie clip... but I'm struggling.

It might be clearer if you can see what I have so far:


So what I'm asking is, how can I show my different 'pages' of text and keep my animated buttons?
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please .zip your .fla before posting it.  I can't read that link. I'll need to see what you're doing to help out.

Why not put your difefrent pages of text on the frames inside of the mc buttons?

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P.S.-  I get output errors when trying to test your movie, so I'm going completely from the .fla
use the onClipEvent(enterframe) on your intro clip.

on the last frame of your intro put the code on any mc in that frame

gotoAndStop("home", 1)

may I suggets you use the hit keyframe on your buttons.

insert a keyframe in the hit area and then draw a box for the hit area that you want your users to hit.  just draw a box around the whole area over the play text.  it will not show up in your movie.


I think I've been misunderstood...

I have no problems with the intro clip, I'm talking about the 'Home' scene. On the right is a block of text on a white background, which I want to change whenever a button on the left is clicked. The buttons work, I just don't know how to use them to change that block of text.

I made the block of text a movieclip because the button animation wouldn't play if I made them go to the next scene.
on your button put



Ahh thank you, good sir!

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