The Design process involved in developing information management tool to manage Web Site content update, workflow and maintenance (Language Java)

I am bidding on a java web project: To Develop Information Management Tool to manage web site content, workflow and maintenance. Below are the 6 requirements to get this project and you must score above 90.
If you can provide me with some sample answers for these 6 questions. You can also email me the answers to

1.  Understanding (minimum 15 points; maximum 20 points) Bidders must clearly describe their understanding of the purpose and function of an information management tool to manage a website’s content update, workflow and maintenance. Sufficient detail is required to demonstrate the bidder has a sound grasp of the issues to be addressed and any challenges that may be faced. (Maximum 5 pages

2.   Methodology (minimum 45 points, maximum 60 points)Bidders must provide a detailed explanation of a proposed approach and methodology option which may be used to develop an information management tool. Where necessary, bidders are expected to make reasonable assumptions or describe hypothetical details that will allow them to develop the design. Bidders should identify any major difficulties that are anticipated, including possible solutions. Innovative suggestions and originality in proposals is encouraged. (30 points, maximum four pages)

3.    Experience analysing, assessing, developing and/or enhancing applications (15 points)

4.   Experience in developing and implementing change management solutions
(10 points)

5.    Demonstrated experience and knowledge with objected oriented programming methodologies.

6.   Experience de-bugging applications and systems.

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All of that for only 125 points!  Sheesh man.  Since no one has responded yet, and stuff, I'll respond sharing with you my experience with writing up proposals and bidding on projects, and my analysis of these requirements.  But I won't write examples or a novel for you (Note, #1 alone says Maximum of 5 pages, which basically means minimum of 3 pages).  Sorry  =)

Those 6 aspects are basically things they are looking for in your proposal.  If you can't provide them then your proposal will pretty much be ignored.  I will summarize what they want in your paper for each number below...

#1: They are looking for you to use and know the technical terms and functionality of the project.  They want to be able to read your paper and feel you know every aspect of this project, and anything that could go wrong.

#2: They are looking for basically what it says, what the heck you are going to do.  They want to see your experience at doing this type of project really stand out, and for you to take charge and know what should be done in what order, and how you will accomplish this, and who you will have accomplish this.  It seems they also want you to describe scenarios and possible difficulties.  To do that basically write some different things that can happen along the development path, and their different possible outcomes, and what you plan to do with each of those outcomes.

#3, 4, 5, 6: They want to see your experience like crazy.  These four will prolly take you 5-6 pages to show and prove to them that you (or your company) can do this job by shoving experience in their face like crazy.  They want to know what languages you have programmed in, maybe some example programs you have written or projects that you programmed for (#5), they want to see your experience in debugging applications and systems which is a rather hard thing to explain but if you gave a lot of examples of running into problems and then describing your approach and how you fixed the problem then it will give them a good concept of this (#6).  To achieve (#3) you will need to document a lot of projects, programs, etc that you have taken an active part of, and how you "analysed, assesed, and developed/enhanced" them.  And lastly, to get (#4), you'll need to basically show that you have done this before by siting examples, wether they are URL's, or even attaching a CD with this proposal containing pictures and possibly sample code of other projects that you have done that are exactly like this.

Hope that helps... and hope some other experts want to write some examples for you...  =)  If you want to look at templates online it wouldn't be a bad idea.  Search on google for proposal template, or something and you'll find some examples.  =)

 - I
I was the only one to take the time to assist you even though this post was 5 months ago, it was only worth 125 points, and I got a B...?  

Yeesh... quite harsh.

Anyway, hope it helps you in future endeavors.

 - I
johnny007Author Commented:
Sorry man, I did not have enough points with me at that time and I was in a hurry to close all of my previous questions around midnight yesterday  and I did not take a look at the answers closely but I think you deserve Grade A. let me know if I it possible to go back and change the grade for you ?
Haha, nah, it's cool.  =)  You were cleaning up, just like we all do occasionally with our own computer's desktop and hard drive.  =P  I was just curious if somehow I missed something, ya know?  =)  It's alright, take care johnny007.  =)

 - I
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