TSpinEdit looks like "compressed" on WinXP

Please see this image:

This is a TSpinEdit running on WinXP, do you think the up/down arrow buttons
look like "compressed" ?  The buttons look good in other Windows, just WinXP... :-(

How can I fix this problem?

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Dear raymng,

I think the problem is in the Methode TSpinButton.AdjustSize in the unit Spin.pas.

procedure TSpinButton.AdjustSize (var W, H: Integer);
 if W < 15 then W := 15;

try to detect the running operating system and if xp is running try to
to set

   IF W<13 then w := 13;

sorry but i have no XP running now :-(

good luck


RaymondAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cesario!

Edit this file ?
C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Source\Samples\Spin.pas

right ;-)

you can copy this file to your project directory. Now you can change the code of this unit.

Best Regards

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RaymondAuthor Commented:
Also, it should not be the problem of W (Width), i think it is the problem of H (height).

sorry, i was to fast ;-)))

 FUpButton.SetBounds (0, 0, W, H div 2);
Ok the problem

procedure TSpinEdit.WMSize(var Message: TWMSize);
  MinHeight: Integer;
   // Height -5  
    FButton.SetBounds(Width - FButton.Width - 5, 0, FButton.Width, Height - 5)
    else FButton.SetBounds (Width - FButton.Width, 1, FButton.Width, Height - 3);
RaymondAuthor Commented:
Just copy the "Spin.pas" file to the project directory ?  Any other procedures?

RaymondAuthor Commented:
After I reduce the height by 2:
FButton.SetBounds(Width - FButton.Width - 5, 0, FButton.Width, Height - 5 - 2)

Check the result:

The look seems even worst... ;-(
Any idea ?

try to increase the hight
RaymondAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cesario.
It looks better after I increased the height by 1.

One last question:  Do I need to add the "Spin.pas" file to my project by selecting "Project" > "Add to Project" from the main menu ?   Just copy the file is ok ?

Edit the name of the pas file, and include it under Uses. For example, if you rename the Spin.pas file to MySpin.pas, then you add MySpin under Uses in the unit you use the spinbar in. It's smart to rename it, so Delphi doesn't use the original, instead of yours in the project dir.

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RaymondAuthor Commented:

Actually Delphi uses my Spin.pas file even I didn't do the procedures you mentioned.
But I don't know that under what situation I need to do the "Project" > "Add to Project" ? and under what situation I need to add "Uses" in the unit ?

RaymondAuthor Commented:
Cesario and chrml0606:

Are you still here ?

RaymondAuthor Commented:
Cesario and chrml0606:

Hello, are you here ?

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