what is equavalent to Photoshop in Linux OS

Hi, I'm a newbie in using Linux OS. I'm using Linux Red Hat (Fedora Core v.7.3.4) and was wondering what is a good photo editing program in this version of Linux that may do the same functionalities photoshop does.

Also I ran to another problem, when I try to use the "useradd" command as a root user it says that "useradd" command is not found, is there any other command to use to add a user for this version of Linux?
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Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no equivalent for Photoshop on Linux. The Gimp(http://www.gimp.org)  is pretty good, but lacks a number of features that make Photoshop the outstanding tool it is. For example, there are no features in Gimp to do serious pre-press work (color management, working in CMYK or Lab, ...). On the other hand, I think that the Gimp is better suited for Web work than Photoshop.

So, the GImp is the next best thing.

For a while Corel used to distribute their Corel Photopaint, which is also a pretty good application (again, not on par with Photoshop, but it does have e.g. the color management and different color spaces that the Gimp lacks).

Editing photos and printing them with gimp-print (http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net) is definitely something you can do with Gimp.

You can however run Photoshop (the Windows version) with CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office (http://www.codeweavers.com/site/products/cxoffice/).
Hi ridak,

look for gimp

for the useradd,try "/usr/sbin/useradd theusername" can this work, if yes, which shell you are in? try change your shell to bash just run "bash" will do.
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check this.

also there are porting goin on for adobe photoshop to be on linux, so it may anytime near future u can have your photoshop on linux.
abt the photoshop, I agree with sunnycoder, gimp is the one you looking for :)
                see for "GIMP"
                        it is almost equal to  photoshop in windows
                         u can start from click   "alt+F1" =>grphics=>gimp
Also, you can run Gimp in windows as well, although you need to install the necessary GTk files:)
find / | grp useradd

will locate the correct path to the command for you:)
Gimp works but is hard to use.  Finding a book was also hard.  It clearly does work though.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
To find a book about Gimp, just go to amazon.com and type "Gimp" in the search field. I found six books about this program on the first page of 842 reported matches. I did not go to the second or any other pages. They are not all up to date, but you can still use a book written in 1999 with today's version of Gimp. There may be a number of things that work differently today, or were not around in 1999, but you get an introduction into Gimp nevertheless. Once you are familiar with the basics, you can use any Photoshop book and apply the techniqes to Gimp. Some things will not work because of deficiencies of Gimp, but in general this approach works.
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