Intel 21140 Ethernet Adapter Problem

i have an older 233MHz computer that i recently reformatted and loaded with win2k from win98.  everything went ok and all until i noticed that the network adapter is not working.  well, windows says its working properly but it also continues to say cable disconnected when it isn't.

the card was working fine under win98 before the format, and although win2k recognized the correct card and installed the drivers something's off.  the led's on the card are on while windows is booting, but about half way thru its load the led's on the NIC shut off, which makes me think its some kind of hardware conflict.

any thoughts or ideas?
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi quick061,

Check the local area connection properties (start/settings/network connetions | Local Area Coneection / properties).

"Connect using:"  should point to the NIC.

Good Luck,
Look under system->device drivers to see if the network card has the right driver for it.  If not, you should be able to easily get the driver from their website.
Sounds most likely a driver issue.

The chip is very old however. It's design is exactly the same as the DEC 21140 which intel bought before DEC was purchased by Compaq who was then bought by HP. That's a few takeovers since intel bought the technology. You're probably looking at least 5-6 since the cip was last in production. I wouldn't hold too much hope for an updated driver however and if that one doesn't work.

Good luck.
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And if nothing works, spend the $5 - $10 and get a new 10/100 NIC - surely your time is worth more than that, unless you enjoy solving problems like this?

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What chip?

What ethernet card do you have in your machine?
Kent OlsenDBACommented:

If it's really a 233Mhz box, it probably has nothing but ISA slots.  Finding a new (old) ISA NIC could be a challenge.  :)

It may not be worth the effort to fix unless you just put linux on it.

The ethernet chip? The chip lasted a lot longer than that - the Aopen AON-315 is still available.

The DEC's had a nasty habit of taking forever to negotiate, the Kingston's didn't seem to have that problem, that's why I'd like to know which card.

What is the NIC connected to?
Have you tried explicitly setting it to 10Mbps 1/2 duplex?

quick061Author Commented:
thanks for trying to help out but i think this one is beyond tinkering.  and no, i don't like wasting my time troubleshooting hardware so i'm just going to put a new nic in it.  but anyways, thanks.
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