URL spoofing

Will ad-aware, spybotchSD, antivir help?
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
For these kind of things something has to be installed on your computer, so I think ad/spyware and/or virusscanners will prevent these kind of things in the near future.


simalaAuthor Commented:
Why it doesn't apply to Netscape Navigator?
Do you think, it is always better to type the URL yourself rather than clicking the link believing it would take you there?
>> ad-aware, spybotchSD, antivir

These cannot help as of today. Atleast I have seen most of these scams come as an genuine email . You have to really careful when you respond to these kind of emails. To be on the safest side , donot send any of your personal information over email whatsoever.  Keep your IE updated regularly ..

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Even if you type the url in the address bar, if the hackers had already spoofed the URL it will redirect you to the bad website rather than the correct one.  CLicking the link would also turn up the same way. So either way it is going to harmful

simalaAuthor Commented:
to Sunray:
Have you tried the http://www.zapthedingbat.com/security/ex01/vun1.htm ?
What does "test exploit" mean?
I had not tried that until I had seen your comment.

See if you are not familiar with general url forwarding this is it .
Let us assume there is a domain a.com . the owners of a.com plan to buy another domain and call it b.com .Now they want URL forwarding of b.com so that when anyone going to internet types in b.com , it should display the contents of a.com.

So they can do in 2 ways .

One is if users type in b.com in the address bar , the address bar would remain at b.com and the contents of a.com come up
if the users type in b.com in the address bar , a.com would appear in the address bar and the contents of a.com would be displayed.

See this is general URL forwarding. Now hackers would have more sophistication in this and might it such a way that it would appear to be correct website but when you type in information online ,it might go to their database..

Well this is general information ..


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simalaAuthor Commented:
Why Netscape is immune?
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