Changing the Display Order in the Exchange 2000 Address List

Ok, found the following link describing how to change the display order in Exchange 2000

But I cannot find the ADModify utility on Microsoft's web site for download, although I do see in mentioned in MS knowledge base 318635;EN-US;318635

SO... can someone tell me how to get this utility, or if there is another menthod to modify exchage preferecne to list names by  FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME.

We are running Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 2003.
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tglazeAuthor Commented:
I saw that in the article, but I can not get the URL to work.  Can someone verify if that is a valid URL???
I can... I just downloaded it. Pretty handy utility.

tglazeAuthor Commented:
Weird, I can't reach the site from the office (even outside of the firewall), but I can from home.  I just thought the link was no longer available or moved.

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