Pass parameters to Struts forward

I need to pass some parameters to my forward,like that:


here is my action delaration:

        <action path="/newscreate"
              <forward name="success" path="/"/>

        <action path="/newslist"
              <forward name="success" path="/NewsSystem/newslist.jsp"/>

and here is my forward code in NewsCreateAction:
        //I want to add some parameters here
      // Forward control to the specified success URI
            return (mapping.findForward("success"));

...i did'nt find this in Struts docs, and i'm too lazy today
to dig Struts sources, it's a friday ;)

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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
try setting redirect to false in your forward:
<forward name="success" path="/NewsSystem/newslist.jsp" redirect="false"/>

I was trying to do this too...with no  success...what I ended up doing was (I haven't got my source code here at home, so this will  be approximate):

    ActionMapping success = mapping.findForward("success") ;
    success = new ActionMapping( success.getPath() + "?sysid=" + sysid, success.getRedirect() ) ;
    return success ;

Hope that helps you with a solution, and I hope you find a nicer way to do it, as then I will use that way too ;-)


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dualsoulAuthor Commented:
>  try setting redirect to false in your forward:
if it's false, i even can't point my browser to    ......../ seems i need to examine Struts simple thing, and no support for it...
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dualsoulAuthor Commented:
hm...yeah...there no anything about it in Struts ;(
Tim, i believe you mean ActionForward not ActionMapping :)
I get the same answer from JSP guys.
So, i write simple wrapper class for it, like this :
import java.util.*;
import org.apache.struts.action.*;

*  Encupsulates parameters for ActionForward.
public class ForwardParameters{
      private Map params=new HashMap();
      public ForwardParameters add(String paramName,String paramValue){
            return this;
      * Add parameters to provided ActionForward
      * @param forward ActionForward to add parameters to
      * @return ActionForward with added parameters to URL
      public ActionForward forward(ActionForward forward){
            StringBuffer path=new StringBuffer(forward.getPath());
            Iterator iter=params.entrySet().iterator();
               //add first parameter, if avaliable
                  Map.Entry entry=(Map.Entry);
               //add other parameters      
            return new ActionForward(path.toString());

and my life become much easier now :):
            return new ForwardParameters().add("sysId","4")

Thans Tim.
Woo!  Nice wrapper :-)

I think  I'll use that too :-)  Woo!

Good luck!!

dualsoulAuthor Commented:
have a nice week :)
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