Connecting a Mac to Win XP network

Do I have any possibilty to connect an Mac who runs OS 9 to a Win XP machine through a switch without buying DAVE or something? I have some files who should be transfered to the PC.

If that´s a possibility, please tell me exactly how to do it. :)
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Youve gotta buy something. Either Dave, or PCMacLan. Windows does have an option for Mac services but the microsoft version of the appletalk protocol is pitiful and more often than not people cant get it to work.
amtehAuthor Commented:
OK. I´ll first try the Microsoft version of Appletalk protocol. ANyone who wants to tell me how to do with that?
Windows2000 Server has Appletalk protocol available to install through the Netqork configuration - XP doesn't.  I'd recommend installing an FTP server on your XP machine and using and FTP client on the Mac to connect (like Fetch).

Here's a popular FTP server for Windows (free)

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Microsoft have stopped doing Appletalk on Windows XP as I have had a similar problem. PC Maclan is an excellent piece of software.

What version of operating system are you running on the Macintosh?? If its 9 or below then they do not incorporate window file sharing but they now run OS X which is excellent. Running OS X and Windows XP will allow you to share files through workgroup. Thats the other solution.

amtehAuthor Commented:
The Macintosh has OS 9. I have installed PCMacLAN now, and it works excellent. I´m gettings the PC´s drives up in the Network Navigator.
Can I get to internet from my mac if connect to a PC network with PC MACLAN?
It's quite easy.
From the PC, go to Start - My Network Places - Network Connections. Right click the LAN used to connect both computers, select Properties, scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and double click. Highlight the Use the following IP address: Where it says IP Address: Type Where it says Subnet Mask: Type Press Ok and Ok again.
From the Mac, go to Apple - Control Panels - TCP/IP, From the TCP/IP Window, make sure the following settings are correct. Connect via Ethernet and Configure Using DHCP Server.
Restart your Mac, no need to restart PC. Hope this helps...
amtehAuthor Commented:
mmxx66: yes, thats possible. Sorry for late answer. I haven´t visited this page for a long time...
amtehAuthor Commented:
nep1: is my default gateway (router). I wont change it. The XP PC is getting its IP from a DHCP server? Can i still use that solution?
amteh: If you want to access the internet from your Mac, aswell as connect to a PC network with PC MACLAN. Make sure your internet connection is set to Obtain an IP address automatically, and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Next, get rid of the default gateway and try the solution above, posted 09/28/2004 09:39PM PDT... :-)
amtehAuthor Commented:
nep1: my internet connection have a static ip and dns-servers. I use a router to connect, so the PC are setup to obtain a ip automatically from the dhcp server in the router. I will try to change the ip of the router (default gateway) and try your solution. :)
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