Regain GRUB boot manager

I had XP / United linux in a dual boot.   I reinstalled the XP now I no longer have GRUP boot manager.  If i go to reinstall linux again i see i have the option of booting the current system.  Is there a way I can just boot the system and get GRUB back?
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depending on your version of linux, boot into rescue mode and run grub-install (Located in /sbin or your root drive)... this will read your grub.conf and apply to the MBR... probably best to chroot into the /mnt/sysimage directory (Where rescue will mount your volumes)... then run the command...

You will need a linux boot disk or rescue disk to boot into linux again ... once you boot into linux, you can install/configure grub to get dual booting
exactly, boot up from install CD/rescue disk and mount and chroot to your Linux installation then execute grub and do:
root (hdx,y)
setup (hdx)
Then you are ready to reboot.
Boot with the working boot floppy and type grub-install /dev/hda.

This will install grub on your Master Boot Record that XP overwrote.

if you don't have the boot disk find one here
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