Compile Error in Hidden Module: AutoExec

Upon opening and exiting MS Word, I get a Visual Basic error ==> Compile Error in Hidden Module: AutoExec.

Upon opening MS Excel, I get a Visual Basic error ==> Compile Error in Hidden Module: AutoExecNew and upon exit ==> Compile Error in Hidden Module: DistMon.

Visual Basic Help says to unprotect the hidden module.  How?  With what password?
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Check this

WD2000: "Compile Error in Hidden Module: Autoexec" Error Message When You Try to Start Word


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Also this

OFF: "Compile Error in Hidden Module" Error Message When You Start Word or Excel

Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
When you get the error message, press Alt F11 - make sure Project Explorer is open (View) and find under "Modules" one named AutoExec.  Right click on it and remove it.

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wduffusAuthor Commented:

The knowledge base articles refered to upgrading to the latest Adobe Acrobat (which I already had) and/or moving PDFMAKER files out of the startup folder(s) to My Documents (which solved the error messages).  Thank you!

Do you know what ramifications this will have on the Acrobat performance related to MS Word?
since you have the latest acrobat and all updated MS word , nothing should affect anything ..

You will loose the toolbar buttons and the make PDF macro.
I have never used them anyway because printing to the distiller is quicker.

wduffusAuthor Commented:

I did notice that, but I also used Distiller because of problems caused by default settings in PDFMAKER.
I tried and deleted all the files under options and still get the same "compile error: AutoExec in word 2003 Professional on my XP, HP computer.  I even tried to correct the problem in the Add/Remove Program "Change" by reinstalling fix but still getting the error.  Please help! Help! for this is annoying each time I open MS Word
Boyd Jr.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Did you remove all templates from the startup folder?
I found that there is a template in the installation start up directory for Office, this is not necessarily the startup directory for windows. i believe that it is called What i did was to uninstall a trial of Acrobat 6 Trial (full edition). this required i remove a look on the template file as it was being used by Word, Outlook or both. Shutting down those programs I proceded with the uninstall. I suspect it would have sufficed to merely delete the template.
As for links to the MS Knowledge base they are now defunct, but the knowldge base tells us it is a known problem they are working on (what for the last few weeks, it must be a stale page) and the experts exchange search, well I wont go there.
Personally I blaim windows for this rubbish. Every MS program I run is full of bugs. I just think that people are so used to this sort of aberant behaviour they think it is normal. No these are *bugs*! Outlook should be able to write out to disk following rules you have set up without a rules in error message. It shouldn't block when downloading messages so that no other work can be done on the machine. The operating system should be able to cope with large hard drives without fragmenting the disk and making you use disk defragmentation routines that take 4-6 hours to complete. Believe me Linux copes with this in minutes. This is not to mention the constant program freezes and shut downs. The list is endless. You think it is normal? I think, for the wealthiest software company in the world with over a six year development lead, it stinks.
Since none of the solutions worked in my case of getting pass that "Visual Basic Compiler Error in "AutoExec".  I tried something on my own and went into NotePad and deleted that line of text and now "No more AutoExec Error."  Don't recommend any one doing this unless they have some programmer knowledge.  "I have been a Management Analyst/Configuration Manager for the U.S. Federal Government for over 21 years" with no programming background but did have 5 VB programmer working for me prior to retirement 8 years ago.  Nevertheless, thanks for any and all assistance.
Boyd Simpson Jr.
with Windows XP SP2 and Office Pro 2003 SP1 with Adobe 6.0 that the error was caused by the PDFMaker.xla file located in the local profile>application data>excel(in my case)>startup. I removed this file and the error stopped. i have not noticed any changes in the functionality of excel or adobe after changing this.
wduffusAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  SunRay (see one of the responses above) found the solution that worked on my system.
Thanks Villages Support as I had the same problem and your solution worked for me as well.
Upgrade to SP3 for Office 2003....It fixed for me.
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